How to Add Amazon Gift Card to Venmo (Guide 2024)?

How to add Amazon gift card to Venmo?

If you have got an Amazon gift card and wondering what to do, we have options for you. You can use its balance to buy products from the Amazon shopping app, use the balance for mobile recharges, or bill payments, or you can use the amount to clear your dues. To use an Amazon gift card on Venmo, you need to link it to the app first. After the gift card is linked to the Venmo app, you can use it as one of the payment methods and use it accordingly.

Adding an Amazon gift card is similar to adding any debit/credit card to the account. You just have to enter the details of the card correctly, follow the prompts and your card will be added successfully. 

Add Amazon Gift Card to Venmo

How to use Venmo to buy Amazon gift card?

There is no way to help of which you can buy an Amazon gift card from your Venmo account directly. There are certain conditions that need to be taken into account before you think of buying an Amazon gift card for yourself. To know how you can buy yourself an Amazon gift card, look at the point below:

  • From the stores:

The first and foremost thing is that you can check out in physical stores that sell Amazon gift cards. If you find one, all you have to do is to pay the store by your Venmo account and buy your Amazon gift card. It works similarly to the Customer Value Stores (CVS). But the chance to get an Amazon gift card from this method is very bleak as many stores do not accept Venmo balances as their payment method. The other way is to order your Venmo debit card and reach the store that sells Amazon gift cards and accepts Mastercard.

  • From the Website

You can search for Amazon gift card from merchant websites that sells them. There are several websites like from where you can buy your gift cards. Now the steps that are necessarily required to be followed in order to buy a gift card from the website by your Venmo account are given below:

  • Complete the KYC verification of your Venmo account
  • Choose a preferred method type
  • On your browser, search for the official website of eGifter or any other gift card-selling websites
  • Create your account and search for the Amazon gift card you want to buy
  • Click on the ‘Pay With Venmo’ button on the checkout page to complete the buying procedure.

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Can you transfer Amazon gift card to Venmo?

Yes, you can transfer your Amazon gift card balance to another Venmo account. For this, you need to have two Venmo accounts. Maybe one of yours and one of your friends/family members. After you have got the two accounts. You just have to follow the steps below:

Link your Amazon Gift Card to Venmo

Linking your Amazon gift card means you will be using it as one of your payment methods on Venmo. Hence, go to settings>payment methods> Add your Amazon gift card

Send the amount to another Venmo account

After you have linked the Amazon gift card to your Venmo account, you just need to tap on ‘Pay or Request Money’  and enter the amount you want to send from your gift card. 

Enter the amount, and from the list of payment methods, select your Amazon Gift Card

The money will be sent  to the selected recipient and will get deposited in their linked bank account of the Venmo application

The money that you have sent will be deducted from the total amount contained in your gift card. 

Venmo App FAQs

Can you connect Venmo to Amazon?

Amazon has inked deals with Venmo, and PayPal company to considers Venmo as one of the payment methods. Users can now use Venmo to pay at the Amazon shopping application. Just like any other online wallet, Venmo will also get the same recognition once the deal is signed. The process to connect Venmo to Amazon is the same as you add your other banking accounts. It is in fact easy to link your Venmo debit card to Amazon just like you add your other debit card or credit card.

Can you convert an Amazon gift card into money?

Yes, you can convert an Amazon gift card into money. It is in fact not possible to directly withdraw money from the Amazon gift card but you can send the amount it has to any other person and later can ask them to re-deposit the amount in your bank account. The process to perform such action is described above. Go through it and you will be able to convert your Amazon gift card into money.

Can I buy an Amazon gift card with Venmo?

Yes, you can buy an Amazon gift card with Venmo. There are two ways, one from the stores, where the chances to get a gift card is limited and one from the websites that sell the gift cards. When you are buying gift cards from websites, it becomes easy to buy them. You just have to add your Venmo banking details on the website and use it as the payment method at the time of purchasing the card. The complete details are discussed above, you can refer to that too.

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