Can you add money to Venmo Card at ATM (Guide 2024)?

Can I load money to Venmo card at atm?

add money to Venmo card

No, Venmo does not offer options to add money through ATMs. But with Venmo, you don’t actually need to physically put money in your Venmo account. You simply have to link your bank account or your credit or debit card to your Venmo account, and you can directly transfer money to your Venmo account. 

You’re even don’t need money in your Venmo account as Venmo supports direct payment from the linked accounts or cards. But still, if you want to add money to your Venmo card from ATM, you can an indirect way, in which

  1. First, you have to add money to your Venmo-linked bank account using the bank account
  2. You can transfer the money from your bank account to your Venmo account (the entire process can take 3 to 5 business days)

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Can you deposit cash at ATM for Venmo card?

There is no direct way through which you can deposit cash at ATM for a Venmo card. But you can deposit your cash in your Venmo-linked bank accounts through ATM and simply transfer the money to your Venmo account. 

However, for the process, you have to ensure that your bank account has a balance of more than the amount you wish to transfer to your Venmo card. Otherwise, you can face bank issues due to insufficient payment and event your Venmo account gets frozen temporarily.

How do I put cash on my Venmo card?

You cannot physically put cash on your Venmo card. But you can transfer the balance to your Venmo account with the help of your Venmo app and Venmo-linked bank accounts. In the following steps, you can easily put money in your venom card.

  • Open Venmo and click on the menu icon at the top left-hand corner
  • Click on add money
  • Enter the amount of money you want in your Venmo card
  • Select the bank account from where you want the transfer
  • Click on ‘Next’
  • Review the entire information you just put and click on “Submit.’
  • The process will take 3-5 business days.

There is another way through which you can put cash on your Venmo account. You can ask any of your friends or family member to Venmo you (only ask people you trust).

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Where can I add money to Venmo?

You can put money into your Venmo account or Venmo application. But, in that case, you must have a Venmo Card. If you do not have the Venmo Card, still you can add money to your Venmo account. In that case, you have to access the website.

If you have a Venmo Card and want to put money into your Venmo account, you have to follow some simple steps.

  1. Go to the option “Me” and tap on the “Manage Balance” option, which will be at the top of your personal transaction feed. Then follow the below steps:
  2. Enter the amount  you want to put into your Venmo account  and tap “Next.”
  3. Confirm the bank account and credentials, then tap on “Add now.” 

Note: once you take the final step, there is no way to cancel the transaction. The transaction should take a minimum of three working days.

Do Venmo cards work at ATMs?

Yes, Venmo cards can work at ATMs. You can use your Venmo Debit card to withdraw cash from Venmo Balance at ATMs. Just check whether your Venmo Mastercard debit card contains PULSE, Mastercard, Cirrus, or Moneypass as acceptance marks for the ATM. 

To make your Venmo card work at ATM, you must have a Venmo Debit card and valid PIN to obtain the cash. If you forget the PIN that you have set for the Venmo card during card activation time, you can reset it. You just have to open the Venmo app and go to the “Setting” Option. And then to the “Venmo Debit Card” option. From here, you can reset the PIN for the card. 

You can withdraw money from ATM by using your Venmo Account balance if your card has the MoneyPass as an acceptance mark for the ATM. And this process does not charge you any additional cost. But, you can carry out this process only in some territories of the U.S.

How to add money to Venmo without a bank account?

You must need a bank account when you need to add money to your Venmo account. Though, you need not worry because, without a bank account, you can also add money to your Venmo balance. In this case, either you must have the Venmo Debit Card, or you can apply for the debit card. You can then use that card “to put money on my venom card at an atm.

So, if you want to put money on a Venmo card at ATM, the only way is you have to sign up for a Venmo debit card. On that occasion, you must have a bank account, too, so you can link your debit card with your bank account and then transfer money to the Venmo account. 

If you are Venmo User and have the Venmo Debit MasterCard, you can directly add money to your Venmo account from a verified bank account.  You just have to follow some  steps:

  1. Add the bank account. If you have not already. Add the bank account to the Venmo profile and verify it
  2. Tap on the option “Manage Balance” on the Venmo application
  3. Tap on “Add Money” and enter the transfer amount 
  4. Tap “Done.” 
  5. Check the credential before transferring money to Venmo Balance
  6. Tap to “Add Money,” and you are done!

So, without a valid and verified bank account, it cannot be possible for you to put money on “my” Venmo card at an atm.

Venmo App FAQs

Can I overdraft my Venmo card at the ATM?

Suppose, You are using the Venmo account to withdraw cash at ATM. And if it exceeds the balance in your linked bank account, then you will be incurred with an overdraft. Even if you choose the option “not to allow the overdraft”, it will incur on you if you exceed the transaction limit. You can withdraw USD 400 daily from your Venmo balance at ATMs. 

Though, there is no specific overdraft fee for Venmo. The transaction will decline if you do not have sufficient funds in your Venmo account. 

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