How to Add Venmo Credit Card to Mint [Step by Step Guide]?

As per the writing of this content, it isn’t possible to link a Venmo credit card to Mint. You are free to link your Venmo accounts and even your debit card, but if you try to search up your credit card, you will find that there is no option available for it. There have been various people who have requested many times to have the credit card displayed in the choices column, but so far it appears that none of their efforts have seemed to any avail.

The Venmo Credit Card can’t be maintained online, according to the standard response given by customer support representatives. Since Mint tracks transactions using web URLs, the company is unable to obtain the user’s credit card information. You will not be able to link Venmo with Mint till there is not a particular login URL accessible on the Venmo side of things.

Mint, however, does offer normal Venmo account connectivity, which may be accomplished by following the steps below:

add Venmo credit card to Mint

1) Launch the Venmo mobile app.
2) Select the “+” symbol located at the top.
3) Select “Account” from the list of possibilities that has been provided.
4) From the list of available alternatives, look for the Venmo option.
5) Select it, and then log in using the credentials you have stored for Venmo.
6) If you comply with the instructions that appear on the screen, the Venmo transactions will begin to be shown.

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Venmo App FAQs:

Can I add Venmo credit card to Mint?

People are able to keep better tabs on their 1spending and have a better handle on their finances by using Mint, an online application for managing personal finances. You may use Mint to maintain record of the transactions with Venmo in addition to the activities you make with your bank account.

As of the time that this article was written, Mint does not support the integration of the Venmo credit card. It is interesting to note that it supports Venmo in its entirety; however, the support for Venmo credit cards is not presently accessible, and there does not appear to be any hint that it will be introduced even in the near future.

Can I link Venmo to Mint?

Mint enables individuals to be able to keep track of both the current spending and potential budgetary goals. It’s one of the most popular applications for managing money, which means it’s one of the most extensively utilised.

In the app, the Venmo transactions will automatically be imported into Mint when you link the two accounts together. The transactions would then be imported and classified instantly once you’ve done the previous step. Transactions may then be viewed in the “Transactions” page or tracked by creating a budget.

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