How to add Venmo Credit Card To Quicken App [Guide 2024]?

Right off the bat, Quicken is a money management app that does the work of keeping all your accounts, managing your investments, keeping track of your savings – so on and so forth. In a nutshell, it somewhat acts as your personal assistant whom you don’t need to pay for all the data management and presenting it in a form that is easily understandable and accessible.

How to add Venmo Card To quicken App?

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It is easier to add a Venmo Credit Card account to quicken than you think. In case you din’ know, Quicken allows the use of a Venmo credit card but under the name of Synchrony bank.

Now to link your Venmo Credit card to the Quicken platform, consider the steps below:

Step 1: Install the “Quicken App” on your device

Step 2: Register yourself as an account holder and provide the necessary pieces of information as asked.

Step 3: Refresh the app once and then head on to the Home page.

Step 4: Now, navigate to the “Add account” section in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Step 5: Then, Go to the “Primary” section and select the “Credit card” tab

Step 6: There you will find the names of almost all the banks. From the list, search and select the Venmo Credit Card.

Step 7: Enter all required Venmo Credit Card-related info such as the User ID, account number, and password (and more if prompted).

Step 8: Lastly, Tap on the “ Register” button and that’s all!

NOTE: In case the bank search list does not give you a Venmo Credit card option, you can alternatively search for the “ Synchrony” Bank option and proceed accordingly. For starters, Synchrony is the mother bank of Venmo and the case remains the same.

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How do I categorize Venmo in quicken?

The transactions are pretty much always categorized in Quicken, however,  it just gets a little haywire at times. So, to categorize the account and transactions, you need to just go to the home page. On the right-hand column, you will find the account’s name (in this case, it’s Venmo). Click on it and then tap once on the “Category” tab. Then, the transactions will be categorized easily

To put it simply:

Quicken app -> Home -> Right hand column -> Account name -> Categorise

For the record, The User Interface in Quicken is fairly intuitive and straightforward, and it will not be a pain to do simple tasks like categorizing.

Can I link Venmo to Quicken?

The short answer is Yes! 

You can surely add up your Venmo Credit Card to your Quicken account.  The quicken app allows you to manage all your credit cards and their accounts. And so, It will also help you understand all the cashback and rewards you get using the Venmo App.

Can quicken download Venmo Transactions?

You can download the Venmo Transactions from quicken as long as they are not again updating their privacy policies. You would have to log in to Venmo’s site to see if they support export into Quicken via QFX file. This is what most financial transaction applications do as it is a matter of security. You just need to follow the mentioned steps on the site to import the information into Quicken.

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