Can someone hack your Venmo account? (Protect it Now)

Hackers have their eyes more on financial applications than on any other application. Financial apps can give them a massive amount of money that no other can even think of. Similarly, if you have a Venmo account, chances are that your account might be under a hacker’s radar. 

The short answer to the question “Can someone hack your Venmo account?” is Yes. Although Venmo has inculcated high-level security to its servers, even then, cybercriminal does their job after years of practice. How do they do?

Can someone hack your Venmo account?

protect your Venmo account

Some of the common ways which help hackers and scammers to hack your Venmo account are stated below:

Voice Phishing Scam

In such a scam, hackers or fraudsters generally represent themselves as Venmo executives. They target their victim and try to place contact with them. They call and tell about their identity as a Venmo representative. They then try to retract all your Venmo account details, OTPs, passwords, etc., by stating it as routine verification or some other technical reason. People unaware of such scams provide the details, and the hackers enter their accounts easily. 

In-person Scam

The hacker can arrive pretending to be your friend or as a helper. These hackers come to you in person and request you lend them your phone so that they can make emergency/urgent calls. Instead of doing the same, they will secretly sneak into your Venmo account and record all the details. They do it so quickly that the user is unaware of it. They then allegedly use these details to hack your account and cut off all access from your side. 

Sales and Offer Scam

Sales and Offer scams are standard methods of unethically fooling Venmo users and asking for their account details. They call or email their victims and promote special offers and discounts that can draw the user’s attention. They state that these offers can only be availed and redeemed if the user shares their account details. Some users, out of greediness to win rewards and get exciting offers, share their details and later lose their accounts to fraudsters. 

Website Scam

These types of scams are done through emails and SMSs. Hackers send malicious emails or SMS to their targets and ask them to click on the links attached. These links redirect them to websites that can record the data of the applications running in your background. In brief, if you have Venmo running in your background or you open up by reading the email sent, chances are your data is being leaked to the other party. The emails containing promotional links under the name of official platforms, like Venmo, should be avoided and deleted straight away. 

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Can your Venmo account be hacked with username?

There is a very rare chance that your account can be hacked just with your username. Even if your username is available or visible on many platforms, hackers can not make full use of it anyways. If you have an elementary password that hackers can easily guess, then the hackers will be able to access your account within seconds. 

Also, hackers would try to click on Forgot Password after entering your username. Make sure you have your linked phone number and registered email address. If they get access to your email address, they can easily be to set a new password and get into your account. 

These situations rarely arise. Venmo users are smart and keep their phone numbers and email passwords safe. Thus no hackers can get into your account. Even if your username is with other people, your account is safe until you do not have a weak password, your phone number, and your email credentials are secure. 

Can someone hack Venmo App with phone number?

It is not possible to hack a Venmo account with just a phone number. This is because, even if the hackers know the phone number, they will not be able to access the OTPs or links received on it. The phone number and the access to it are with you, and all they know is the 10-digit mobile number that is mainly of no use. 

Even if you think your account is hacked or is being tried to hack, here are some activities that will notify you regarding the same:

  • Unauthorized login from an unknown device
  • Unauthorized transfer of money on your transaction history
  • OTPs and reset links are being sent to your registered contact details without your authentication and knowledge
  • Notification of password change on your Venmo account
  • Automatic sign-out of your account
  • Notification regarding the new addition of a card or bank account to your Venmo account

These are the signs that someone is attempting to log in to your account without authorization. If you notice any kind of such activities on your Venmo account, kindly be alert. Report such incidents to the Venmo support team and take necessary actions to protect your account. 

Is it possible to hack your Venmo with your name?

No, hacking your account by knowing your name is next to impossible. All they can do is connect with you over Venmo feed and track your transactions if uploaded. They can like the transactions that are uploaded on your Venmo feed. With these, hackers can find a sequence of transactions and ultimately plan something out of it to scam you and enter into your profile. 

Can hackers hack your Venmo with tag?

If the hacker has your username and registered mobile sim card, they can easily get into your account by clicking on Forgot Password. The OTP will be sent to the mobile number, which they can use to set a new password, thus restricting your access to your own account. 

How can someone hack Venmo?

Several sneaky scams can lead your account to get hacked. Here are some schemes that hackers are adapting to hack your Venmo account. 

  • Pretending to be your friend or family member and trying to ask for your account details
  • Sending you related discount schemes and asking for your details to activate the offer
  • Impersonating to be a Venmo representative and do routine check activities of your account to know about your Venmo password or OTPs
  • Sending you malicious links which redirect to pirated websites that can steal your Venmo credentials
  • Fake Venmo support team asking for your details to perform and do account upgradation

If you find these activities approaching, kindly stay away and pass this on to Venmo support. You can only trust these activities if you have official information from Venmo beforehand. Such details or pre-announcements are on their official websites or social media handles. 

What to do if your Venmo account is hacked?

Once your account is hacked, even you do not know what losses you will incur and in how much time. If you know about the hack very soon, you can perform some activities the prevention of any more losses. Here are some crucial steps that you should take in case your account is hacked:

  • Freeze your Venmo-linked bank account as quickly as possible
  • Change your Venmo account password and other credentials like phone number and email address
  • Log out your Venmo account from all devices
  • Transfer all your money from your Venmo wallet to any other bank account that is not in the reach of the hackers
  • Contact Venmo support so that they can track any ongoing transactions and freeze them if undertaken by the scammers.

Someone changed my Venmo password to “Solution.”

If you cannot sign in to your account, the reason can be a changed password. Maybe hackers have tried to access your Venmo account and to restrict your intervention; they might have changed passwords. What to do next?

The first thing to do is change your password, then deregister your linked phone number. 

To change your password:

  • Open the Venmo application
  • On the login page, click on Forgot Password
  • You will get a password reset link on your registered phone number or email
  • Click on the link
  • Set a strong new password and Confirm 

After you have changed your password, you should change your phone number and email address so that it is out of the reach of the hackers. 


Can you hack into someone's Venmo?

Yes, hackers can get into your Venmo account by intervening and breaching its tight security. They have been in this business for quite a long and thus, collecting account details is their cup of tea. There are several methods where they try to fool their targets and ask for their account details.

Can my bank account be hacked through Venmo?

Hackers can get access to your bank account within no time. Once they in your Venmo account, they can easily transfer all your money stored in the linked bank account to the hacker’s account. For this, you must pay attention to the incoming emails and SMS related to your Venmo account. Be in touch with your bank to know about any unauthorized transactions and freeze your account if your find any ongoing suspicious activities.

Can someone steal your info from Venmo?

Anyone who gets access to your account can easily steal your data. They can then make use of this stolen info to withdraw money from your account and use it allegedly for their own personal expenses. However, if you pay attention to your account’s activities and ensure the security of your profile, you can minimize the chance of data getting stolen. 

Is it safe to give someone your Venmo username?

People who want to know about you on Venmo will definitely ask for your username. With your username, it will be easy for them to find you on Venmo. They will be able to connect with you and send/receive payments. However, there is no harm if you have shared your username with anyone. After all, they do not have the password, and even if they try to retrieve it, they will need access to your phone number and email address.

Will Venmo refund money if hacked?

You can contact Venmo support for help if your money is stolen from your account. The support team will guide you to several solutions and preventions, but it is not sure if you will get the amount refunded to your account.

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