How to change Venmo Username (Complete Guide)?

American mobile payment app Venmo started in 2009, and since 2012, PayPal has started controlling it. The purpose of Venmo is to allow friends and family to divide costs for things like movie tickets, supper, rent, and other expenses. Account holders can send money to other people via a mobile phone app; the recipient and sender must both reside in the United States. The business processed $230 billion in transactions, bringing in $850 million in revenue in 2021.

How to change your Venmo username?

How to change your Venmo username?

Please read this page for details on changing the name or username of your business profile.

We strongly advise using a username specific to you and simple to remember when you sign up with Venmo. Your friends will easily find you on Venmo if you do this!

You may always check and adjust that whenever you forget your username. Go to the “Me” tab in the Venmo app. Your profile image will be visible close to your username.

In the Venmo app, you can change your Venmo username:

  1. Tap your photo or initials to access the “Me” tab in the Venmo app.
  2. In the top right corner, click Settings.
  3. Under “Preferences,” click “Account.”
  4. Update your username by tapping “Profile.”

Please be aware that your username must be between 5 and 30 characters long, with no special characters other than – an “&.”

To view or change your Venmo username on the web, go here or choose “Settings” then “Profile” from the menu on the left side of your screen.

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What is my username on Venmo?

Sometimes it’s difficult to find your Venmo username. How to locate your Venmo username is explained in the next paragraphs.

Even though it’s simple, it’s not always evident how to find your Venmo login. Venmo usernames are a group of letters and numbers that operate as the app’s distinctive identity. Except for the underscore (_) and hyphen (-), each username has a length of five to sixteen characters.

Despite being a user-friendly app, Venmo occasionally becomes difficult to understand. It could be difficult to locate your Venmo login, for instance, if you’re still getting used to this mobile payment service.

Using these simple procedures, you may easily locate your username on the app or website.

 Modify your username in the Venmo app

-Access your Venmo Account.

-By selecting the “Single Person” button, select the “You” tab.

-Your username is located next to your profile photo.

Modify your username in the Venmo web


-Log in to your Account.

-Select “Settings” then “Profile” from the menu on the left side of the screen.

-Your username will be visible next to your profile photo.

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Can I use a different name on Venmo?

Although you can link two bank accounts to your Venmo Profile, you cannot use two usernames for the same Venmo account. For individuals who have many bank accounts, this is a fantastic choice. For instance, you can link your bank accounts to your Venmo Profile and use the same login if you have a personal account and a joint account with your partner.

Here’s how to update your Venmo Profile with a new bank account:

-Activate the Venmo app.

-At the app’s top, click and hold the three horizontal lines

-Click “Settings

-Choose “Payment Methods.”

-Choosing “Add a Bank or Card.”

-Add your bank account information. Then decide on a verification technique. After that, you’ll receive information on how to verify your Account.

Remember that you can currently only connect two bank accounts to a single Venmo profile if you have multiple bank accounts. The accounts that are most important to you may therefore require some consideration. But don’t worry if you decide to alter your mind. Simply delete one Account and add a new one.


Does Venmo show your real name or username?

No. It must be connected to a bank account, credit card, or other accounts that provide them with sufficient information about your identification for it to be beneficial.

Can you change Venmo's username?

When using Venmo, go to your Profile by opening the app. In the lower right corner of your screen is an icon resembling a person with a dollar sign behind it. In the top right corner of your screen, click the gear icon to access Settings. From the menu that appears, choose Account as the first item.

Click the first choice that says Profile after opening the account menu. You can update your profile image, first and last names, username, and email address here. After clicking on your username, you can alter the text to any combination of five to 16 characters (Venmo prohibits using any other special characters then – and). If you’re worried about Privacy, you can also use this chance to change your display name to something more subdued, such as Harry S. instead of Harry Styles, so that if your Venmo is public, your full name won’t appear on strangers’ feeds. You’ll want to change it to something easily identifiable as you. (Going to Settings then Privacy) will allow you to make your Venmo Profile private.

How many times can I change my Venmo username?

If you get tired of your existing username, you can change it whenever you like, but you shouldn’t do it too frequently because your friends might be unable to tell.

Reminder: Your username must contain between five and sixteen characters. Only the hyphen (-) and underscore (_) are allowed as special characters. The app might not accept your new username if you attempt to utilize additional special characters.

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