How to see your Venmo Card Number on the app [2024]?

How to Check Venmo card number?

You are approved with Venmo Credit Card. Now the question is how to use the Venmo Credit Card. When you get approval from a credit card, you will receive a virtual card number on your Venmo application. You can open the Venmo app and go to the Venmo Credit Card section, where you can see your virtual card number.  Note down the last 4 digits of the card number as it is the Social Security Number. 

see Venmo Card Number

After getting the credit card, you can

  • Open the Venmo App
  • Select the “virtual credit card” option on the application
  • Confirm the last 4 digits of your Social security Number to view your virtual credit card number
  • Check the expiration date and CVV 

Or you can call Synchrony Bank at 855-890-6779, where you can easily get your Venmo Card number by telling your account number.  For additional inquiries about the Venmo Credit Card, you can contact them at 855-878-6462. 

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How to change Credit Card number on Venmo?

When you approve a credit card, you automatically get a virtual card number on the Venmo app. But, for your peace of mind, if you want to change your Venmo Credit Card number, then you can make a request on the Venmo Credit Card section of your Venmo App. 

You are limited to making one request per day. When you request a new credit card number, your previous number will be deactivated automatically. However, that will not affect your physical card number.  

You can speak with the customer care service of Synchrony Bank about changing your Credit Card number. To reach them, you must simply call the customer support number (855-878-6462). The customer services of Synchrony Bank are available by phone for you 24*7 hours a day.

What is my Venmo credit card account number?

When you get approval for issuing a Credit card from any bank or payment application, you will get a unique account number. The first 6 digits of the credit card number are the Bank Identification Number or identifying the issuing organization like Venmo. The last digit of the credit card is the “check-digit”, and it uses to detect the error. The remaining 9 digits refer to the account number of the respective cardholder. 

Therefore, getting a Venmo Credit Card means you have a valid account in Venmo. And first consecutive 9 numbers on the Venmo credit card will indicate your Venmo Account Number.

Does Venmo have a credit card number?

Yes, Venmo has an issue-specific and unique number for its credit card. It comes with a chip and can support contactless payment and cash advances. You can access your virtual credit card number through the Venmo Credit Card section of the Venmo Application. Moreover, the Venmo Credit card is a Visa Credit card issued by Synchrony Bank. Therefore, it must contain a valid card number. You can use your Venmo Credit Card to make payments or transact money to your Venmo account.

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