How to Confirm Identity on Venmo without SSN [2024]?

To verify your identity on your Venmo app all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

How do I confirm identity on my Venmo App Complete Guide?

How to confirm identity on venmo

Federal law mandates that each and every financial business, including Venmo, disclose basic data about their customers. Furthermore, the data must be properly maintained; this is not an option but a must to comply with the legal authorities.

If you choose not to go through the Venmo identification verification procedure, you will not be capable of utilizing the service to its full potential. Therefore, if you plan to keep using the Venmo service, you will need to confirm your identity. A few minutes at most is all it takes to get this done.

Before we learn how to verify identity on Venmo, let’s see the reasons to do so, in case, you are still not compelled enough to do so. 

  1. Bank Account, Debit Card & Credit Card Linking 

Venmo is an international fintech app that makes it possible for users to add money using debit cards, credit cards, and bank accounts. After that, the added money can be sent to your friends, merchants, or even you can receive it from other Venmo users. In fact, Venmo is so popular that it’s accepted pretty much everywhere across the Internet, and even in the offline outlets of the USA.

The above paragraph sounds interesting, right? So, what if we say that these features may come with a catch? Normally, if you are not verified, you will have a cap on the maximum amount that you can initiate or receive weekly through the Venmo app. 

  1. Venmo Limits! 

There are different feature limits that you will be bound by in case your Venmo identity verification process is not successfully completed. One of the major ones we have already mentioned above, which is the maximum limit of $300 allowed to send every week. In case, in a week, you decided to transfer more than that, you would be asked to perform Venmo identity verification. 

  1. Rise of Fraudulent Activities 

Apps today are concerned with protecting their users from fraudulent activity and many other threats. As a result of this, Venmo goes out of its way to keep its information secure from illicit activity. In order to prevent potential activities, Venmo encourages most of its users to complete identity verification.

We hope you would now be convinced on the importance of having your identity verification done for Venmo. To do the same, follow the below steps:

(Note: The below-mentioned procedure is only possible via the Venmo mobile app and can’t be performed using email. As a result, if you find any mails prompting you for identity verification, you will be able to easily label them as fraud and fake

  1. Open the Venmo app and head to home screen 
  2. Click on Settings, and proceed to Security. There, you will find the Identity Authentication option, just click on it. Post this, you will come across the most crucial stage of the procedure, which is document uploading, so get the documents ready and upload them as per the on-screen instructions. 
  3. Now, arrange the documents which can serve the following:
  • Full legal name, as on the documents 
  • Date of birth 
  • Residential address 
  • An official government-issued ID. Something like a passport or driving license can do the work. 
  • Social Security Number (shall cover a little more about this in the later section) or individual taxpayer identification number. 
  • Lastly, again confirm the respective mobile and email address. 

That’s it for now! Once your documents are successfully uploaded, you just have to sit back and relax until some update from the Venmo side arrives. Usually, the verification process in Venmo really shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes on average. When it comes to a majority of cases, the validation can be completed within 24 hours.

When you use Venmo to verify your identification, the procedure might take about 3 days to process, assuming your data doesn’t really reflect what is in the National Database of Identification Records. You now just have to wait if you’ve supplied all of the necessary factual data. The Venmo profile will be validated once this is completed.

Venmo confirm identity not working “Solution” 

If you have been trying to perform the Venmo identity verification procedure and have failed to do so, then in that case, you must first ensure that you are not already verified. Actually, there have been instances where Venmo debit card users have been trying to complete identity verification but being shown an error. The simple answer to this scenario is that the Venmo users who own the Venmo debit card don’t need to authenticate their identity as they have already done that at the time of availing the Venmo debit card. They may not recall it, but a quick chat with the Venmo customer team can make one aware of whether or not they are already verified.

If you are confirmed that you are a non-verified Venmo user, then try to clear your app data, uninstall and reinstall the app. After that, login again and try the identity authentication feature. If you are still experiencing the same, check that the submitted documents are complete, authentic, and correct.

Once you have done all of that mentioned above, feel free to reach out to the Venmo customer care team, as they will be able to assist you with the whole Identity Authentication feature and help solve your error.

How do I verify my Venmo account without SSN?

If your Venmo asking to confirm identity then you will require Venmo to verify identity. And this cannot be done without SSN. If you do not have SSN then verification will not take place but you can use the app as it is.

Why is Venmo asking for My SSN?

Why does Venmo need my SSN? SSN, or social security number, is a government-issued numerical identifier used to track financial advantages like salaries and individual taxes paid by US individuals. Prior to completing any transaction, the majority of financial institutions need customers to supply their SSNs for the purpose of confirming their identity. A wide variety of tasks can be accomplished through all these transactions, including applying for credit and creating a savings account. For the same reason, services like Venmo, which allows you to send and receive money, request your Social Security number (SSN).

As a means of transaction, Venmo is subject to the oversight and regulation of the United States Treasury Department. There are legal requirements that require Venmo and other organizations to gather data. These databases of information are used by Venmo and similar companies to authenticate their customers’ credentials and are subsequently stored in an encrypted format.

In addition to federal regulation, firms like to conduct security screening prior to approving big monetary operations. To put it another way, so that they can authorize significant transactions, they must first seek relevant information from the parties involved. Venmo, for example, will request a one-time verification via the app.

Venmo often does not request your Social Security Number. For the vast majority of transactions, the PIN or a unique identifier delivered to your cell phone will suffice. In the event that Venmo detects questionable activity, they might request your Social Security Number (SSN). 

On the bright side, Venmo has made it clear on its webpage what “suspect transactions” signify, so we wouldn’t have to guess. The following can be the scenarios when you could be asked for SSN:

  • Decide to initiate a group account
  • When your sending exceeds $300 in a week.
  • When you initiate $1000+ to your bank account
  • When you are the sole proprietor with a business profile and cross around 200 transactions in an official year.

In order to avoid fraud, you can simply authenticate yourself by submitting your Social Security Number (SSN). There are alternative ways to verify your identification that will require further documents and take longer than expected. A passport, DHS card, card of tribal information, etc. are among the documentation you can give in lieu of the SSN. Even if you are unable to finish the verification process because of a lack of acceptable evidence, you can still use Venmo. Although, you’ll be considered unverified by the system. (Note: If you have already registered or availed for the Venmo debit card, then in that case, you may not have to provide your SSN or again go through the whole process of Venmo identity verification)

Venmo confirm identity email

Register for a Venmo account, and then in order to complete your registration, you should tap on the Venmo authentication URL that will be sent to the email address you provided at registration. Once you click on the link, your Venmo account will be ready for use.

Venmo identity verification would be requested from users who transferred or received more funds than were approved. Such individuals would need to submit their name, address, SSN, and other relevant documents. Usually, the verification process is completed in three to four business days at most. Federal law mandates the collection of specific data on people with access to specific quantities of money by all payment service companies, including Venmo. Henceforth, making it important to get away done with the Venmo identity verification.

While identification for making the venmo account, you need to submit the relevant documents that are required. You make the documents in the word file and then you need to convert the documents, you can use the pdfforge for converting the word file into the pdf and then go for the submission of your documents.

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Is Venmo identity verification safe?

Venmo confirms identity SSN is an absolutely easy and helpful process. This is safe and has no danger or fraud in it. Once you do it the entire transaction procedure becomes easy and smooth.

There is no need to worry there are just a few steps that are carried out and it’s done. After the verification also one is supposed to face no problem at all.

Venmo App FAQs

Why is Venmo asking me to confirm my identity?

This is a kind of formality from the Venmo end. They ask for verification for making the entire process easy and hassle-free. With identification confirmed, one can do all the transactions easily and quickly.

They will also have clarity about their users and can strike people who tend to use the application for the wrong purpose. They have also taken the step to reduce money frauds and cheats.

Should I confirm my identity on Venmo?

One should confirm to the Venmo identify confirmation. The reason behind it is that after the confirmation the process says it transaction or any sports of complain or anything becomes easy. Also, there is no danger in this then why should not do it?

Thus one should confirm the process followed by Venmo. If Venmo asking for ssn then go for it and confirm.

How long does it take for Venmo to verify your identity?

It just takes a few steps to verify and confirm. You just need to launch the app go to settings and then to the confirmation. That’s it the verification will be done as soon as you update the details.

Why can’t I confirm my identity on Venmo?

If you are failing to confirm your identity on Venmo, just make sure that you have completed all the steps correctly, and there’s no mistake in the uploading of the documents. In case that doesn’t do the trick, try reinstalling the app. If even that fails to get you out of the situation, just personally contact Venmo customer care. 

Do I have to confirm my identity on Venmo?

The basic phone and email verification would, of course, be done at the time of registration for the Venmo account. However, if you are talking about the whole Venmo identity verification process, then let us tell you that it isn’t necessary, and you will still be able to use Venmo but with limitations on features, as we have already mentioned above. 

How long does it take to confirm identity on venmo?

The automated verification system will detect your documents and get you verified within a matter of a few minutes. However, there can be instances where that may fail, and you might have to go through a manual approach, and in that case, a little extra time may be taken. However, it should take no more than three days on average to have your Venmo profile verified. If any revisions are needed in the Venmo identity verification procedure, you will be notified via the app. 

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