Does Venmo Work Internationally (Canada, Mexico, UK, Nigeria)?

This will sound like bad news as you cannot use the Venmo app internationally. Venmo app usage is limited to the US residents and those staying in the territories of the US. If you want to use the Venmo app, both the sender and receiver must be present physically within the US territories. This solely means you can send or receive money to or from anyone who is staying in any country other than the US.

Does Venmo Work Internationally

Does Venmo work with all banks?

Venmo is a mobile payment application that assists in split payments, online transactions, and all sorts of payments. Venmo also provides you with a free debit card that can be used anywhere for payments. You can also reload that card in case of a low balance with the linked account conveniently.

Venmo works with all the banks that are in the US and all that can be linked to your Venmo account for payments. All debit, credit, and prepaid networks that are connected with your name work with Venmo. Some of them are American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa, and many more.

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Does Venmo card work internationally?

Are you thinking to send money to your family in a foreign country but are worried does Venmo works overseas then the answer is no, Venmo does not work internationally and you cannot make payments overseas with it. 

Venmo works in the United States only if you have a bank account that is in the US. The person who wants to have a Venmo account must be present currently in the United States. You can use this mode of payment, it may be for shopping, groceries, bills, and transfers with friends but only in the US.

Does Venmo work in Europe?

Venmo does not work in Europe and is only used for transfers inside the United States only. Venmo is a US-based company and provides all the services over there only. Till now Venmo has no plans to extend internationally. With Venmo, a person can make all payments online hassle-free.

There are many substitutes that can be used for payments in Europe. Some of them are PayPal, Transfer Go, Wise, OFX, Remitly, and WorldRemit. All these options work for payment in the US but Venmo does not work for overseas payments.

Does Venmo work in India?

Thinking to travel from the US to India but worried does Venmo works overseas. Let me help you, Venmo is a US-based payment application that transfers payment in the host country only that is the United States. 

In case you have a Venmo card with you in India still, it is of no use as it will not work. People in India do not get an advantage to open a Venmo account as one of the conditions to open a Venmo account is that the person who wants to open the Venmo account must be present in the country and must have a valid US phone number that is not liked with any other Venmo account.


You could consider using PayPal, GPay, Phone Pay, and other applications to make payments.

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Does Venmo App work in Canada?

Many people travel from the US to Canada and Vice Versa and think of using Venmo as a safer mode of payment but do Venmo work overseas? This is a question that troubles them. 

So the answer is no, Venmo does not work in Canada. Venmo works in the US but you cannot use this mode of payment outside the US. There are other ways that you can select for making payments while traveling outside the US. You can use Interac, Wealth Simple Cash app that works in Canada for the transfer of funds.


Interac, Wealth Simple Cash App

Does Venmo Application work in Mexico?

There are times when it is vital to send money to your loved ones but what to do if they live in Mexico. If thinking to send money to Mexico with Venmo then it is not possible as Venmo does not work in Mexico. 

You can use many substitutes like Wise in case of bank transfers and for cash pick-ups, you can choose Remitly. PayPal is also a method that can be paid internationally, you can opt for that also.


Xoom, Remitly, MoneyGram.

Does Venmo work in the UK?

Venmo does not work in the UK, being a US-based payment system it works only inside the US for payments. If you want to send or receive money from the UK then you can select other ways like PaySend or Wise. These options are easier to use and are safe for international transfers. 

There are many other apps that do not deal with international transfers due to low-profit margin and high stress, Venmo is also one of them that deals in the US only.


PayPal, Venmo, Azimo.

Does Venmo Account work in Nigeria?

Venmo is an app that is used for internal payments in the US only. So that means Venmo does not work in Nigeria, you cannot transfer money there. Although there are many other ways that you can opt for and are similar to Venmo. 

There is a popular platform known as Azimo, you can select that for sending money to Nigeria. Additionally, this method of payment works in Nigerian countries, so feel safe to transfer funds.


Cash app, Remitly.

Can I use Venmo in Saudi Arabia?

Venmo does not work currently in Saudi Arabia. The payment app works only in the US for domestic transactions. You can use Venmo anywhere in the United States be it for grocery stores, malls or want to transfer money to a friend for dinner.

 All the payments can be done online. Venmo also provides a free debit card with no monthly charges. You can choose other better methods for payment in Saudi Arabia. 

Can you use Venmo in Dubai?

Venmo does not work in Dubai as it is a domestic payment app that works only in the US. There are many legal formalities that are to be done before paying international payment and Venmo does not take the stress of all this work. Further, there are issues related to exchange rates also as there are different currencies for all countries and this is also a matter of concern. So, that is why Venmo works in the US only.

Venmo App FAQs

How do I access Venmo outside the US?

The concise answer is No, Venmo cannot be accessed outside the US. Venmo is a payment company that works for domestic transactions in the US and does not assist people to send or receive money to any other foreign countries. 

If any person that is residing outside the US wants to have a Venmo account then, this is also not possible as Venmo has a condition that the person should be in the US only at the time of opening the account.

Can Paypal or Venmo be used internationally?

Venmo being a domestic-based payment app works in the US only and cannot be used internationally. If you want to send money to a foreign country then you can choose PayPal as the company can make successful transactions in over 200 countries and also deals in 25 currencies. So, you can compare the exchange rates and choose the best payment method that fits your budget for international payments.

Is Venmo free internationally?

Venmo is an app that gives services to only people residing in the US. All the people who are currently present there can use this mode of payment for all online transactions and can transfer money to their friends and family but Venmo does not work internationally so there is no question of free or paid service outside the US.

What countries is Venmo available in?

Venmo is a digital payment app that works in the US only. In case you go abroad and try to use the Venmo debit card at the ATM or for online payment, you will get an error message from the company. The benefit of Venmo is only restricted to US residents. 

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