How to get money from Venmo without Bank Account (2023)?

How to get Cash from Venmo without bank account?

Venmo is a money transfer app that allows peer-to-peer transactions among people living within the US or US territories. Mostly, Venmo users link their US bank accounts with their Venmo accounts to make transactions. However, if you do not have a linked US bank, you can still transfer or withdraw money from Venmo without a bank account. All you need to have is a Venmo Mastercard debit card. 

The Venmo debit card is like any other regular card and operated like them only. Since you can transfer money from any regular card to online, Venmo debit card also allows the same. 

Now, coming to how you can get money from Venmo without a bank account. The debit card works on Mastercard network. Therefore, any ATM point that accepts Mastercard can be a convenient place to withdraw money using your Venmo debit card. Remember the ATM must accept Mastercards.

Can I get cash from Venmo at Walmart?


You can easily add funds to Venmo card or get cash from it with Walmart Rapid Reloadâ„¢. All you need to do is pick the process that is easy for you. You can either swipe reload with a check or cash. 

Swipe reload with cash- To add cash to Venmo card at Walmart or get cash from Venmo at Walmart, take your Venmo card and pre-printed government check to any registered Walmart store. Enter the amount that you want to get from Venmo. Allow the cashier to check your balance and withdraw the amount from Venmo at Walmart card.

Swipe reload with card- On taking part at your nearest registered Walmart store, a cashier will swipe your Venmo card and get the cash directly from your Venmo card to Walmart card. 

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Venmo App FAQs

Can you transfer money from Venmo without a bank account?

Yes, you can transfer money from Venmo without a bank account. You need to have a Venmo debit card for doing that. Or else, you can follow the second section of this article. 

Can someone Venmo me money if I don't have an account?

Yes, of course. Your friend who has a Venmo account can transfer you money in your Venmo account only if you have a Venmo Mastercard debit card. You must visit an ATM that accepts the Mastercard and withdraw the money transferred to your account from your friend.

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