How to Send Amex to Venmo? Check Venmo Amex Sending Limit

Venmo is an online payment transfer company, and American Express has introduced Amex send and split with PayPal and Venmo. Amex sends and split allows the customers to send money and split the purchases with family and friends who have Venmo accounts. 

You can split your payments via Amex and make payments from both Amex and Venmo apps. 

How to send Amex to Venmo?

How to Send venmo to Amex

Before sending Amex to Venmo, make sure that you have enough funds to transfer; otherwise, your payment can be declined. Now let’s come to the process of how to send Amex to Venmo:

  • Credit money to your account if you don’t have enough balance to send. 
  • Open the Amex app, move to the Account tab, and then to the send and split.
  • You will see a send money option within the send and split option; click on that. 
  • From here, you can send the money to the Venmo app or to the individual you want to send it to. Just select the Amex send account if you want to send money to your Venmo account. 

Follow these steps to send Amex to Venmo. 

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How to send Venmo to Amex?

For sending the Venmo to Amex, you have to link your Venmo with Amex. After linking, make sure that you have enough credit in your account. Look if you have; otherwise, credit the money first and then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the You section by clicking on the single person icon.
  • Move to the Payment methods ( you can do this by a tap on the settings gear)
  • Choose ” add bank or card.”
  • Select Amex send account. 

By following these steps, you can link your Venmo to Amex, and then you can send Venmo to Amex. 

Venmo Amex sending limit

The sending limit depends on your card’s rolling limit. You can see this limit on your Card Member agreement. The limit is subject to Amex approval which means that you can only send the amount once Amex approves it. 

You can only send upto $10,000 per transaction from your Amex send account. Don’t forget that these transactions are also subjected to a 30-day rolling transaction limit. 

However, if you are sending through Venmo, then the limit totally depends on whether your account is verified or not. The second factor that affects the limit is whether you have a personal or business account. 

Type of accountBusiness accountPersonal account 
Verified account$49,999.99$6,999.99
Unverified account$2,999.99$299.99


Why does my Amex Get declined on Venmo?

There is not a single reason why Amex got declined on Venmo. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Insufficient balance to make payments.
  • Pending transactions
  • Fraud activity is detected.
  • The card issuer declined the payment.
  • Technical glitch.

Try to find the possible reason and if you are unable to do it, contact your bank or Venmo to know the reason.

Can you send money on Venmo with Amex?

Yes, if you are an eligible card member of the Amex app, you can send money on Venmo with Amex. Don’t forget to link your Venmo account with Amex to send the money. 

Does Amex not work with Venmo?

Yes, Amex does not work with Venmo in certain situations, like if you don’t have enough credit to make the transaction, it won’t work. If you have enough credit and everything is fine, Amex works with Venmo. 

Can you use Amex on Venmo?

Yes, you can use Amex on Venmo, but only if you have linked your Amex send account and Venmo account. If your accounts are not linked, you can’ use Amex on Venmo, so make sure to link the accounts first.

Does Amex charge a fee for Venmo?

No, Amex doesn’t charge a fee for Venmo. It lets you make the transaction for free, but you won’t earn any rewards from the purchase. 

Does Amex treat Venmo as a cash advance?

No, Amex doesn’t treat Venmo as a cash advance. 

I hope the above-mentioned information regarding Amex Venmo will help you to solve your queries. In case you still have any questions about Amex Venmo, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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