How to Open Venmo for Nonprofits Account (2024)?

What is Venmo for nonprofits?

Before discussing Venmo for nonprofits, it is better to describe the basics of Venmo. Venmo is an online money payment application famous for its speedy and safe transactions. Business associates use it not only for personal use but also to store their monetary funds and do the necessary transactions. Its extremely easy-to-use interface has attracted many users to its platform. It does not charge any tax to keep your funds for any period of time. This is why the fundraisers have found Venmo as an effective and secure way to keep adding the donations they receive. How Venmo is so much popular among fundraisers is a big question.

Using Venmo to collect donations has changed the game for all fundraisers. Instead of filling out donation forms and entering details of the donor, people can now directly send money to the fundraiser as they would do to their friends or people they know. There are no transaction charges, money is easy to track and handle, and can be securely kept in the Venmo account for any period of time. 

We will be looking into the benefits of using Venmo for nonprofits in 2024 along with the procedures on how you can open and use Venmo for nonprofits. 

How to open Venmo nonprofit account?

Venmo for Nonprofits Account

Currently, Venmo does not support any accounts that are particularly made for nonprofit organizations. They are several beta-testing programs going on, and we could expect some updates on the same in the near future. However, if you want to create a separate account that only keeps track of the money received for donations, you can create a normal Venmo account. To create a Venmo account for your fundraising platform, you can take the help of the guide below:

  • Get the application either from the Play Store or Apple Store (if you use Smartphone) or from a web browser (if you use a PC)
  • Install the application and launch it
  • From the login page, go to the Sign-up option
  • Choose one from Sign-up with email or Sign up with Facebook
  • Choose the Email option for better proficiency 
  • Enter your First Name and Last Name, followed by your Email Address and Password
  • Agree to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy of Venmo
  • Tap next
  • Enter a phone number to register on Venmo
  • You will receive a 4-digit pin on your mobile number
  • Enter the code in the security pin box and click on Submit Code
  • After this, your account will be created. You can now set up your profile, profile picture, and other public details. 

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How to set up Venmo for nonprofit?

After you have successfully created your Venmo account for your fundraising campaign, you can now go live. You can advertise the method you are using for taking donations. You can put up scanners on your campaign setup, upload it on your website, promote it virtually over social media, and announce the account details during the marketing campaign. This way donor will know about the donation method and will pay you directly into your Venmo account.

Venmo will help you keep the transaction history, which will be much easier to track and understand compared to paper money. You can perfectly generate the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) report at the end of the campaign. You can filter your transactions based on time, type, or amount. This way you will find Venmo as your best helping hand to carry out the fundraising campaign more effectively and smoothly, without any loss of data or money.

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How to use Venmo for nonprofits?

If you want to carry out a smooth fundraising campaign and connect with a large number of donors, Venmo will be the best choice for your plan of action. You can simply use Venmo for nonprofits just by setting up an account for free. The benefits that the nonprofits can obtain are:

  1. Affordability

Nonprofits find Venmo to be a great source of keeping donations money because of its low-cost charges. They do not have any monthly fees or hidden charges. No taxation on sending money from a bank account they have added to their Venmo account. Minimal charge on accepting donation money and effectively no charges to keep it for whatever time period. 

  1. Publicity at no cost

Venmo is a very fast-growing and popular payment application. Its popularity itself adds an advertising factor to its fundraising campaigns. It is also a social media app. Hence. you can add people you know on Venmo so that they can see the transactions of donations you keep getting. 

  1. Strong Donor Relationships

Venmo is easy to use and more importantly, a safe platform to keep all the transactions secured. This develops a better understanding between the donor and the nonprofit and lot more people gets connected as the engagement increases. 

Venmo fees for nonprofits

The various charges that Venmo imposes differentiate for different services. 

  1. Account Opening

There are no fees or any kind of tax you need to pay to open a Venmo account for your non-profits. 

  1. Monthly Fees

No monthly fees on the Venmo account.

  1. Transfer charges

There are no transfer charges as long as you are opting for instant charges. And generally, there is no need for instant charges, as the money once sent will be surely received in your account through the standard transfer. 

  1. Credit Charges

3% of the charge is imposed on the total amount sent by the donor. One would not definitely pay by credit card in the donation camp or you can straightforwardly deny the credit card acceptance to avoid any extra charges. 

What is Venmo business for nonprofits?

A Venmo business account will be a really an option for your nonprofits. It has so many premium features that can help your nonprofit campaign to be more recognizable and authentic.

  • It adds extra security to your account, ensuring your money and data are safe
  • You can describe your nonprofit along with sharing it on social media handles and websites
  • Can access more formal documentation so that you do not face any kind of legal warrants on your nonprofit organization and the funds you hold

How to use Venmo business for nonprofits?

You can create a Venmo business profile for your nonprofits and promote it on a wide scale. The steps to build a Venmo business profile are mentioned below:

  • Launch the application
  • Click on the Sign-up option
  • Enter the business email address of your nonprofit
  • Enter your Name
  • Create a strong password for your account
  • Check the User Agreement and Privacy Policy for the Venmo business account
  • Enter an active phone number of your nonprofit
  • Enter the OTP in the check box to verify your phone number and click on Submit Code

With these steps, you will finish setting up your account. It is now time to add your business details, particularly about your organizations. These details include:

  • Organization Name
  • Where it is based
  • Its profile identity and image
  • Description of your nonprofit and category
  • EIN (Employer Identification Number) and SSN (Social Security Number)

With a business account on Venmo, your motive behind setting up a nonprofit will be displayed more strongly. It will strongly advertise your campaign as the donors’ search for strongly established nonprofits that are trustable and safe.

How to get an account on Venmo for charities?

You can set up a separate Venmo account for your charity campaign. Keep the newly created account primarily for accepting donations and funds for your charity and link it on your website and social media handles. This will attract more supporters when they will find an easy way of donating money instead of relying on documentation and paper money. 

How to set up Venmo for donations?

Since Venmo has not introduced any separate option for fundraising nonprofits, you can take the help of other applications. There is one such application called Donorbox, that the nonprofit can make use of. 

Donorbox allows us to set up a perfect and authentic fundraising campaign. Here the nonprofit can receive donations by means of Venmo and by means of other e-wallets. It is easy to set up and you can find the complete guide on the official website of Donorbox. 

Venmo donation link

To make your donation camp run smoothly and speedily, you can make use of the donation links. The donation link will help the donor to directly pay into your Venmo account instead of entering the bank details manually. You can use the QR code of your Venmo account as a donation link and place it over your official setup and social media handles. Donors would then be required to just scan the code, enter the amount, enter their PIN, and pay. This seems so quick and safe, isn’t it? This will ensure that the donor does not enter any wrong bank details manually, and use the code to pay instead.

To get the QR code:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on the Me tab
  • You will find the QR code option next to your profile picture

How to set up Venmo for nonprofit fundraising?

You can only get engagements and donations in your Venmo account once your supporters are aware of it. In order to set up your Venmo for nonprofit fundraising perfectly, you should promote it effectively. Some tips on how you can promote your Venmo for fundraising are mentioned below:

  • You can film a video tutorial explaining how to use Venmo for donation. On finding the process easy and safe, the donors will come forward in bulk to support your nonprofit. Upload the video on social media handles to reach a wider audience
  • Use QR codes to promote safe and quick donations. This will save the time donors and decrease the chances of sending money to any wrong account. 
  • Link your account to your social media handles. You can also promote it on your social media by describing its cool and easy-to-use features.

How to set up Venmo for school clubs?

School clubs, that have to deal with accepting some kind of funds like Admission charges, registration charges, or participation charges, can make use of Venmo. No doubt they have to set up a business account on Venmo since they represent an association and need to maintain a great number of transactions. 

It’s easy to create any type of Venmo account and later use it to accept payments. Student clubs should be well aware of the charges on taxes and then only proceed ahead in using it. Since Venmo also acts as a Social Media handle, so you get an added feature where you can like or comment on any donations or payments made by the club members. This increases the involvement among group members and the authenticity & payments are clear to everyone. 


Can you use Venmo for nonprofits?

Yes, you can use Venmo for nonprofits. You make full use of this free-to-use application to keep funds, track your daily donation, and generate CRM reports. You can accept donations, of any amount, directly into your account without any extra charge or tax. 

Is there a Venmo for nonprofits?

Currently, you can just make use of the normal Venmo account or business account for your nonprofits. Just like PayPal, Venmo is also planning to roll out the feature of using Venmo for nonprofit organizations with building donation interfaces and much more. 

Is Venmo free for nonprofits?

Yes, Venmo is free for nonprofits. If you are not making use of credit cards and not opting for instant transfers, it is not going to charge you any penny. The donor can easily send you their desired amount to your so-called Venmo donation account without facing any taxation.

Can you set up Venmo for a nonprofit?

Setting up Venmo for a nonprofit is not a complex task. You just have to keep your details ready for your nonprofit organization and upload them while creating a Venmo account. The appropriate details will help the public to identify and determine genuineness.

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