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Here, I will explain about our privacy Policy.

Note: First of all let me tell our users that this site offers free information and content. You can share articles of this site with friends and family using share button. But we don’t allow to copy portion of the content and using it on any other platform.


We use cookies on our site. It depends upon user to accept and reject cookies. If you reject, you will left behind with some of the features. If you don’t know, let me tell you cookies are small tiny files that saves into the users device and provide us user’s basic informations like ip, browser information. These information help us to provide more convinent and features to our users.

Users Data

We may ask for users data like email, name. If you are using some of our features like subscription, Contact us, commenting etc.

Why We ask for users data?

We only accept user data to provide them best features.

Subscription:- To subcribe, we ask for user’s email. And we use it to send them update about our latest articles. It helps user to get updated about our latest articles. We send you link of article in your email box. In just one click, you will be on our wesbite.

To contact us:- If you want to contact us for any querie, you need to fill a simple form asking your name, email, website (if any). We ask this information so that we can contact the user back.

Commenting:- If you want to give feedback on our articles. You need to enter your name, email, website. These are some basic details that we ask from our users.

Do we share users data?

No, we don’t share any information of users with third party. User information and data is totally safe and secure. And user can ask us to delete the information any time.

Third Party

We also use third party services on our site. But, there polices are different from us. So, if you use their service. You must read their policy.

Note:- We don’t accept and ask for any information from children below 13.

Thank you.