Restaurants that accept Venmo Pay (Complete List 2024)

Venmo has gained popularity because of its ease of transferring money. You can pay directly to any store or merchant by scanning their QR code. Paying your bills is now easy as most food restaurants accept Venmo. Venmo is used as the payment method in most places in the UK due to its easy functionality. This article will tell you where you can use Venmo as your payment method to pay your food bills. Also, what are the stores and places where Venmo is widely used? 

Restaurants that accept Venmo pay

Restaurants that Accept Venmo pay

Using Venmo pay has made ordering food from restaurants a lot easier. You do not have to carry your purse if you go on an outing with your friends. You can order your food, pay your bill, or split it among friends. There are various options to pay for the restaurant bills. You can use the restaurant’s QR code to scan and pay from your Venmo account. You can also make use of the Venmo card to pay the amount. 

A Venmo card is similar to a debit card that holds your money in the Venmo account. It is a MasterCard. Hence restaurants that accept MasterCard payments will also take Venmo card as their preferred payment method. If there are technical errors regarding the price via the Venmo application, you can take out your Venmo card, swipe it, enter the amount, enter your PIN, and you are all done. 

Many restaurants in and around the Uk and the US accept Venmo pay. Since there are no transaction charges, except for the credit card, Venmo becomes a suitable option for the customers to pay. 

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Pizza places that accept Venmo

Are you planning to order pizza for your family and wondering if you can pay for it with Venmo? Well, the answer varies. If you are ordering pizza from Dominos, you would need a Venmo card, but not the same goes for other platforms. Food delivery partners like Uber Eats and GrubHub have joined Venmo and made it its paying partner. Customers can now directly pay from the Venmo account instead of entering the Venmo card details. This means that not every store (online/offline) accepts a direct payment from Venmo.

Uber Eats, or GrubHub also lets you choose from various available restaurants, making it easier to compare prices, reviews, ratings, and other factors. To order from these platforms: 

  • Create an account with your mobile number 
  • Add your delivery location
  • Choose the best store that delivers delicious pizzas
  • Select the quantity and other add-ons
  • Select Venmo as the payment method
  • And the money will be deducted from your linked Venmo account, and Venmo will place the order

Always remember, you can order from Uber Eats and GrubHub with Venmo only if you are a resident of the UK or US.

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Fast food restaurants that accept Venmo

Wondering where you can use your Venmo and where not to order food? This is the question of many, and thus we have brought you a list of fast food restaurants that accept Venmo. 

  • Mcdonalds

You can not pay at McDonald’s directly from your Venmo account. Mcdonald’s can accept payment from a Venmo card. You must keep the card and use it if you want to pay your bill at the store. Accordingly, you can save the card details on its official application. During the checkout and confirming your order from its application, you can choose a Venmo card as your payment option.

  • Burger King

Burger King is partnered with PayPal- The owner of Venmo. Hence, you can pay at Burger King directly from Venmo. You can use Venmo as the direct payment option on its outlet and its application.

  • Dominos

You can not use Venmo as a direct payment method at Dominos outlets or on its applications. Here, you have to use the Venmo card only. 

  • Starbucks

You can use the Venmo card, swipe it at their POS machine, and pay your bills at Starbucks. The money will be directly deducted from your Venmo account. No place for Venmo direct payment at Starbucks.

  • Chipotle

Chipotle, also known as Chipotle Mexican Grill, accepts direct payments from Venmo. Not only this, but it also lets the users split their bills and pay accordingly. Chipotle and Venmo have partnered with associations for a long time. 

Places that accept Venmo QR code

With the advancement of technology, leading market stores have started accepting online payments. They have been using QR codes to accept online payments to make the process much easier, quicker, and safer. Customers need to scan the QR code of the shop by their Venmo scanner and pay the amount asked. This is an effective process as the customers do not have to deal with the complexity of entering bank details manually and then processing the payment. As said, this is quick, safe, and easy. Let’s see how you can do that:

  • Launch the application
  • On your Venmo homepage, go to your Profile
  • Next to your profile image, you will get the QR Scanner. Click on it
  • Place your camera on the QR code to scan
  • Once done, enter the amount to be paid
  • Enter the PIN

Viola! Your payment is made with just a few easy steps. 

Places that accept Venmo online

Venmo is the leading money transferring application in the Uk and the US. Almost all the online stores have started accepting payments using online transfer, and Venmo dully fits in. You can use the Venmo Card for direct payment or by scanning the QR code to pay your bills and dues. No taxation exists on such transactions until you use a credit card to pay through Venmo. Paying at your favorite merchant stores online is relatively easy and secure. 

Places that accept Venmo card

Food restaurants would accept debit cards if they do not accept direct payments from Venmo. So why not have a Venmo card? Venmo card is a MasterCard debit card that allows paying from your Venmo balance by swiping over the POS machine. If you think a Venmo card can be helpful to you, which is useful, you should order it yourself.

Here is how you can order a Venmo card for yourself:

  • Launch the application
  • Open the Settings Menu from the top-left corner of the screen
  • Navigate to the Venmo Card option
  • Click on Get The Venmo Card option
  • Customize your card by choosing colors for it
  • Click on Next
  • Enter your First Name and the Last Name 
  • Fill up the last four digits of SSN (Social Security Number) and DOB (Date of Birth)
  • Check the User Agreement and go through the Terms and Conditions
  • Hit Next
  • Enter your Shipping Address
  • Click on Next
  • Review your application and press Submit Code

This way, your Venmo card will be booked, and Venmo will notify you how many business days it will reach you. 


Can I use a Venmo card at Mcdonald’s?

McDonald supports the usage of Venmo cards at their stores. You can clear your dues by using Venmo directly or using a Venmo card by swiping it to pay. There are no transaction charges if you pay by Venmo card. However, other annual premiums are subject to your spending.

Can you pay for Chipotle with Venmo?

Yes, Chipotle accepts Venmo as their trusted payment partner. You can pay your dues at Chipotle with your Venmo account. It agrees with both direct payments from Venmo as well as Venmo cards. 

Does Grubhub accept Venmo?

With Venmo, you can pay for your online orders at GrubHub. You can add Venmo as the direct payment method and use it while ordering your food online. It is easy to add Venmo to GrubHub; moreover, you can win amazing cashback from it. 

Can I pay at a restaurant with Venmo?

Many restaurants can accept payment from Venmo. They can provide you with the QR code or POS machine for your Venmo Card or pay directly from the Venmo application. Since Venmo is in a growing stage, we can expect more restaurants to partner with Venmo and adjudge it as their payment method.

What food stores accept Venmo?

There are so many food stores across US and UK that accept Venmo. Stores like MacDonalds, Subway, Dominos, Starbucks, CCD, etc., accept Venmo as one of their payment methods. You can use either card, scanners, or applications to pay for your price at these stores. 

Do restaurants accept Venmo?

Yes, restaurants accept Venmo, and not to forget, it is easy to pay with it. You must carry your Venmo card or have your Venmo application ready to pay at the restaurant that accepts Venmo. 

What restaurants can I use Venmo?

Various restaurants provide eligibility to use Venmo to pay for the bills. If not direct payment, you can do an online money transfer just by scanning their QR code and paying the amount online through Venmo. 

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