Can You Set Up Automatic Payments on Venmo App (2024)?

Can you set up Venmo automatic payments?

No, the Venmo app does not set up automatic payments. You have to open the Venmo app every time you want to make a payment. Many people use Venmo to pay their monthly payments like EMI, rent, and bills. But when it comes to recurring payments then Venmo does not provide this feature. 

There are many other applications that provide you the facility to pay automatic recurring payments every month, but Venmo comes with a limitation. You have to pay monthly payments manually every time with Venmo. 

There is an alternative that is the trust button. You just have to add people in your trust circle. Some people use this method to make recurring payments. Under this option, you do not have to enter credentials and details of the person again and again but still, you have to add the amount again that you want to send to the person whom you have added on the trust circle.

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How to set up automatic payments on Venmo?

automatic Payments on Venmo App

Setting up automatic payments on Venmo is impossible. A person who has to make payments regularly has to find an application that can solve their problem as recurring payments like rent, is a constant payment that cannot be delayed and is fixed.  Venmo is owned by PayPal. You can pay rent with Venmo monthly. But unfortunately, Being a segment of PayPal, Venmo does not offer the same services like PayPal and lacks many features. 

Venmo does not provide the service of automatic payments. This is the disadvantage of the Venmo account. This limitation leads to late payment charges that many people have to bear. But Paypal gives you the option of automatic payments. There are two options: first, make a habit of doing payments manually or choose another popular app that supports this feature. PayPal is a trusted app so you can select Paypal to set up automatic payments.

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How to set up recurring payments to friends & Family?

You can set up recurring payments to friends and family with the help of Venmo with a trust button. For that, you ought to open a Venmo app. Further, you have to add the people in the trusted circle with whom you are about to make regular payments. After that, you can easily send money to your friends at a regular time without having any trouble with delayed payments. You just have to enter the amount that you are supposed to send to your friend. There is no need to add details of the person again and again. 

Venmo App FAQs

Can you do a scheduled pay on Venmo?

Recurring payments are vital in today’s life. There are many applications that assist in making scheduled payments. Venmo is a payment app that was introduced to ease the process of sending money. 

It is very simple to create a Venmo account. Just have to sign up using Facebook or email and add all the personal details and contact number. You will receive a verification code and you get the Venmo account. You can easily send money with just a single click on your mobile. 

Venmo is one of the best payment apps but Venmo also has the other side that leaves the app at a disadvantage from other popular apps, that is you cannot make scheduled payments. This demerit of Venmo also results in late payment as people sometimes forget about the recurring payments and also people using other apps for scheduled payments.

Does Venmo have automatic payments?

Venmo does not provide automatic payments. If you want an application that gives you the service of automatic regular payments. Then you can opt for PayPal, Dwolla, RentDrop, and many more. All the above mentioned apps solve the problem of recurring payments. PayPal owns Venmo so the best option that you can use is PayPal. To create a Paypal account follow these three simple steps:

  • Sign up by adding all your personal details that are mandatory.
  • The next step is to link your credit or debit card (Add all the card details)
  • Finally, you are ready to use PayPal for payment.

PayPal is a trusted app so you can make automatic payments with this app. You can transfer money from PayPal by using a common bank. 

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