How to transfer money from Venmo to a bank account [2024]?

Venmo is a payment app that is working daily to upgrade its services to give the best experiences to its customers. You can transfer instant funds from Venmo by paying an additional amount of $2.50. So let us see the steps that will assist you in the transfer of money:

How to send cash from Venmo to a bank account?

transfer money from venmo to bank account

Yes, you can transfer money from Venmo to your bank account.

Since you have a Venmo account, you must have a bank account as well. You cannot use a Venmo account or transfer money via the account if you do not have a bank account. Venmo is just an application that sources its money from a bank and then allows people to make transactions. 

  • The first and foremost step is to launch the Venmo app on your smartphone.
  • Next, the three dots that are visible on the top, Tap on that.
  • Further, Scroll down and click “Manage Balance”(This option depends on the device that you are using).
  • In addition to this, Tap on “Transfer to Bank”.
  • Now, enter the amount that you wish to transfer to the bank account and also select “Instant Transfer” to send money immediately.
  • Check all the information carefully,
  • Finally, click “Transfer”.

Follow all the steps to accomplish the transfer procedure.

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How to transfer some money from Venmo to the bank?

Venmo assists people in receiving and sending money in less time. You can make multiple payments with Venmo, but is it possible to transfer funds from Venmo to my bank account? Yes, you can transfer the funds by following these super easy steps:

  1. Firstly, open the Venmo app on your iPhone or Android phone to transfer funds.
  2. Further, there are three lines on the screen top. Click that.
  3. Next, drop down the menu and choose “Payment Methods”.
  4. Additionally, click on “Add a Bank Account” and then on “Bank”.
  5. Now, enter the account details and all other mandatory information carefully.
  6. Moving Further, verify your bank details.
  7. Enter the number that you want to transfer
  8. There are 2 ways to transfer funds that are instant transfer(additionally $2.5 is charged) and Standard transfer.
  9. At last, choose a method from the above-mentioned. And Select  “Transfer”.

These are simple steps that if followed carefully will transfer money in a few minutes.

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How to transfer cash from Venmo to a checking account?

The Venmo app is used to send funds from Venmo to other accounts. There are two ways that you can choose to send money: Instant Transfer and Standard Transfer. In the case of Instant Transfer, you have to pay an additional amount of $2.50. 

To begin the transfer process a Venmo app is a must, then open that app and choose “Me”. Further, click “Add or Transfer” which will be below your profile. Now, add the amount and choose the payment method(Instant/Standard). Lastly, click “Transfer” and money will be deducted from Venmo and added to your bank account.

How to send money from Venmo to a PNC bank account?

The transfer of money from Venmo to a PNC bank account can be done but before sending money it is vital to link Venmo to the PNC bank account. So, let us see how to link both the accounts:

  • The first step is to open and then select “Bank Accounts and Cards”.
  • Further,  click on “add a bank account or add a credit card and debit card” 
  • Next, carefully add all the card details and obligatory information.
  • In addition to this, after successfully adding the information it is possible that micro transfers are done by Venmo and may also ask for verification of the amount received. This is how Venmo will check the account ownership.
  • Now, Venmo and the PNC bank account are linked and ready to transfer funds to each other.

How to transfer money from Venmo to PayPal without a bank account

You cannot transfer funds directly from Venmo. An intermediary is a must to transfer funds to PayPal from Venmo. Money can be transferred from Venmo to PayPal with a common bank account linked. 

However, if you want to transfer money from Venmo to PayPal without a common bank account then you can do that also with a debit card. The Venmo debit card is also used for shopping at any mall or for online shopping. In case of a shortage of funds, the Venmo debit card can be used to take out cash from the ATM and can be paid to anyone in case of need.

How to add a bank account to Venmo to receive money?

When you open the Venmo profile, the first thing you need to do is add your bank to the app. This will make the transactions to peer smoother and hassle-free. To add a bank account to your Venmo profile, do the following.

  • Open the Venmo app and go to the settings
  • Tap on Payment Method and then click on Add Bank or Card
  • Click on the Bank option there as you will add a bank
  • Select your preferred bank and click on Add Bank again
  • The bank will be added to your Venmo app

Venmo App FAQs

How long to transfer money from Venmo to a bank account?

After you open a Venmo app and add your bank, the addition process will start. After the bank account has been actively added to your profile, you can make transactions. The money transacted will usually come or go to the desired account within three to five business days.

What is the fastest way to transfer money from Venmo to the bank?

There is no fastest or slowest way to transfer money from the Venmo to bank. It will take three to five business days for the money to reach its destination via the Venmo app.

How to Venmo transfer money to yourself?

You can Venmo transfer money to yourself by adding money either to the bank or credit card or debit card. You can also withdraw cash at the ATM with the help of Venmo debit card. The money present in your Venmo account is linked with your bank as well. You can directly go to the bank and withdraw the money at your convenience.

Venmo transfer to bank fee

Fortunately, you do not have to pay any fee to transfer money from Venmo to your bank account. 

Venmo bank transfer limit

The maximum amount you can transfer from Venmo to your linked bank account at one time is $2999.99. For any instant transfer that you want to make, you cannot apply above $0.26 or more. And if you want to make a transfer of less than $0.25 at a time, you can opt for the standard bank transfer option.

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