How to Use Venmo Card Balance instead of Venmo Balance?

How to use card instead of venmo balance?

Cardholders can have their Venmo debit card or credit card linked to their Venmo account. Once linked, cardholders can use the amount from their credit card or debit card to make money transfers. 

Using either balance or cards will lead to the same thing if you have the same bank account linked to the Venmo account as to your credit or debit card. You can either switch to using Venmo balance or keep using card balance, both ways they deducted the money from your linked bank account.

Users can use a bank card instead of Venmo balance if they want to do so.

What if I don’t want to use my Venmo balance?

use card instead of venmo balance

If cardholders or Venmo users do not wish to use their Venmo balance, they can use their credit card or debit card balance in that case. But they need to make sure they have the same bank account linked to their Venmo app as linked to their credit and debit card. 

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How to use Venmo balance instead of card or bank account?

Venmo will use the Venmo balance by default. If you are using the Venmo app, they will automatically do payments from this app through the Venmo balance. Venmo balance will always stay as your first preferred payment option when using the app. However, you need to set your second payment preferences manually.

In case your Venmo balance gets over, the second preferred payment method will complete your payment. However, users can pay with card and not Venmo balance if they want.

Venmo App FAQs

Does Venmo automatically use balance?

This comes down completely to the total amount you have in your Venmo balance. If you have enough Venmo balance to cover the cost, they will charge you for buying a particular item, you can use the Venmo balance to make the payment. However, if you do not have enough money in your Venmo account, Venmo app will charge the entire amount of payment to your preferred payment method. Therefore, you need to put a second preference option when using Venmo app. It could be either credit card or debit card. 

You can pay with card instead of Venmo balance at the shop if you want though. 

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