How to Use Venmo Credit Card on Phone & Atm [2024]?

Venmo is a payment application that a person uses for online transactions. You can split payments and pay your friends for dinner or a movie. Venmo gives the privilege of debit and credit cards. The company also provides a virtual credit card number for online payments.

How Can I use Venmo Credit card on my phone?

To use a Venmo credit card on the phone. Follow these basic steps that are given below:

  • The first step is to download the Venmo app on a mobile phone.
  • After that, sign up for the account.
  • Now, locate the menu icon on the top left and drop down to choose the “Venmo Card” option.
  • Further, add the Vemo credit card details carefully.
  • Lastly, you can use the same card from your phone for any purchase gateway from your phone.

After you carefully follow these 5 steps, you can easily use the Venmo credit card on your smartphone.

Whenever you will apply for a Venmo credit card from the app’s credit card section, the card will automatically get added as a payment method in the Venmo app. 

Now, the card that has automatic acceptance for all payment methods, will help you in the money transaction process, be it on the phone or on any other non-digital platform. ‘

Also, the Venmo credit card is accepted everywhere Visa® credit cards are accepted. So, using your credit card is not an issue if you are using it digitally or physically. You can use the Venmo credit card in both ways. All you are required to have is a properly verified, updated, and authorized credit card. 

How to use Venmo Credit Card at ATM?


Venmo also provides an option of cash advance where you can collect cash from a credit card. Rather than making a purchase with a credit card, one can also use it to get cash. The money that is withdrawn from the Venmo credit card gets into your credit card balance.

You can use a Venmo credit card at any ATM that accepts Visa® credit cards. The money withdrawal process is the same for Venmo credit card as any regular card. You need to visit the ATM, enter the amount, enter the PIN, and the money will be given to you physically. 

Getting cash from the Venmo credit card is not free, you have to bear additional costs for every credit card transaction done at ATM. You have to pay between 20-25 percent APR for every ATM transaction done by the Venmo credit card. 

There is no option that you can get it free of cost. If you want to reduce the charges of a cash advance you can return the credit card balance as soon as possible.

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How to use virtual Venmo credit card?

Not only debit and credit cards, but Venmo also gives you the option of a virtual credit card. With a virtual credit card, payments are easily made. You can use the Venmo app on a desktop or a smartphone. You have to add your bank account details to link with the Venmo account so that the money gets deducted automatically from that account or card.

The company provides you with a virtual card number that you can add to your Venmo app in the settings. Just scroll down the settings and choose payment methods and add the virtual credit card number. Whenever you make a purchase just choose this for payment and the payment will be deducted from the virtual Venmo credit card.

How does Venmo virtual credit card work?

Venmo gives many advantages to its customer by providing them free of cost debit, credit, and also virtual cards. Venmo does not have a Virtual credit cards, instead, the virtual card provides a virtual credit card number that you can use for online payments once you have successfully added the card to the Venmo app. 

Venmo gives a virtual card number that one can use when shopping. You can add the virtual card number in the Venmo app by opening the “Settings” and then clicking on “Payments Methods”. Further, add the virtual card number carefully manually, or by using your phone camera. 

When you want to purchase anything online, add this virtual credit card number for payment. This is how you can use the Venmo virtual credit card and use it for all online transactions.

How to pay Venmo credit card?

If you want to pay via Venmo credit card, you need to have a credit card. You can apply for the credit card from the credit card section in the Venmo app. Follow the prompts to complete the application process. After you have applied for the card, the card will be sent to your home address within seven to ten business days. After receiving the card, add the card details to your Venmo app and start transferring money easily.

Venmo credit cards can be used to pay for any product or service that you take online. Venmo has simplified the payment process with just a click. Both debit and credit cards assist in paying online payments. Although there are some charges that you have to pay with the usage of both cards, you can avoid them.

Once you have successfully linked the Venmo credit card on your Venmo app, you can use it at the payment gateway for making any online payment, and then automatically the payment will be deducted from the linked Venmo credit card.

How to increase Venmo’s credit card limit?

When you apply for a Venmo credit card and it gets approved. Venmo gives a temporary credit card limit of $250 to every credit card holder. Once you have been using your credit card for a month or two, you can increase the credit card limit by calling customer care, live chat with them, or from your online account.

Income and credit scores both are checked by the Venmo company. Once they have examined the account, the company will escalate the credit limit accordingly. You can call customer care anytime for the increase in credit limit, but it is better that you contact them after one or two months.

Venmo credit cards can help you internationally. Venmo does not charge any additional money for using its credit card in foreign countries. You also get cashback while using a Venmo credit card for purchasing anything. In the first year, Venmo gives you the privilege to get unlimited cashback but there is a category that Venmo has made for cashback that is 3-2-1% this means that you get 3% for the highest transaction. 2% for the second highest, and 1% on all the remaining transactions.

Venmo App FAQs

Can you use Venmo with just a credit card?

You can use Venmo for payment only by linking your Venmo bank account with a Venmo credit card or debit card for payments. Although there are other ways also by which you can reload money in your Venmo account. There are certain situations where you have to pay additional money for using these cards for transactions, cash withdrawals, and cash advances. There are multiple ideas to avoid all these charges. Venmo credit card comes with a limit and you can do transactions beyond that limit.

Can I use my virtual Venmo card in stores?

Venmo gives the option of both physical and virtual cards. The physical card can be used for online and in-store purchases, this card comes with a chip that is used for making contactless payments. However virtual Venmo card is used only for making online transactions. You have to add the virtual card number on your Venmo app to complete the purchase.

Is the Venmo credit card a real credit card?

Synchrony Bank supplies the Venmo credit card to customers and the Venmo credit card is actually a real credit card. A credit score of 670 is obligatory to get this Venmo credit card. The company issues a temporary credit limit of $250 that you can, later on, increase with time.

What happens when you use a credit card on Venmo?

When a person uses a credit card on Venmo, the payment automatically gets deducted from that card. Now, as the card is saved for payments, for every purchase you can use that card for every purchase. Venmo also gives cashback for every transaction. The company has categorized the cashback as 3-2-1%. 

Can I use a Venmo credit card to pay someone?

Yes, a Venmo credit card can be used to make payments to friends or any other person. You can use the Venmo credit card for this purpose. Just add the credit card number in the settings and check it carefully before making a payment. Now, choose the person from your contacts whom you want to pay, and at the payment gateway select Venmo credit card as an option to pay.

Can you use a credit card for Venmo payments?

Whether you want to pay for dinners(splitting payment) between your friends and family or want to pay for an online transaction on Venmo. You can use this credit card for Venmo payments. Just add the credit card details in payment methods and choose it for payment. This is how you can use a credit card for Venmo payments.

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