How to Get Venmo $10 Bonus (Complete Guide 2024)?

In this bonus, you typically receive 10 dollars’ worth of money amount in your Venmo wallet. It will be under the reward category. Venmo has been giving this bonus to attract new users and ensure that the current users stay.  

There are a total of two ways you can get this reward. Either through email, where you just have to login into the app and perform a minimum of a $5 transaction. And the other way is by referring Venmo to your friends. Once your friend signs up using your referral link and transfers the minimum of five dollars to any other Venmo user, the $10 will be transferred to your reward box. Your friend will also get rewarded and the signing bonus via referral.  

Bonus through email, merely based on your eligibility. To check your eligibility, you can take care of the following things.

  • You must have at least 18 years of age.
  • You must be a resident of the United States or some district of Columbia since Venmo is only operable in the USA and some parts of Columbia.
  • You must already have an existing Venmo account.
  • You must have the invitation link, which will be sent via email.

If you all such things, then you can go ahead for claiming the reward. However, these eligibility criteria can change in the future. So, before you go for a bonus, check the things you need to do for the bonus, mostly some qualifying transactions. And if you do such things, then complete them before the offer ends.

How to get Venmo $10 bonus code?

Get Venmo 10 Bonus

How great to have free money in your bank account just after signing up on Venmo! Yes, Venmo offers a free $10 when you create a new Venmo account. PayPal-owned Venmo is now promoting and giving a rare bonus amount to its new users to advertise the application to a wide audience. After knowing about the reward, people would definitely choose to create a new account on Venmo, which will increase the number of Venmo users.

Here is what you need to know about the offer:

  • The account must be stable from the time of creation till the redemption of the bonus
  • The offer is not valid for the same identity
  • It can be canceled at any time
  • The reward arrives only on your Venmo balance and can be used in any form

The process to avail of the offer is very simple. You just need to sign-up on Venmo and verify your phone number and email address. After the verification is completed and your account is set up, the reward will be received within 30-days. It can arrive sooner too, but the maximum it can take is 30 days.

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Is Venmo’s $10 bonus legit?

Venmo is one of the prestigious companies in the financial world. It has been handling thousands of customers all over the United States of America. Thus, with full assurance and confidence, yes, Venmo does offer a $10 bonus through emails, social media promotions, and notifications. And this bonus is entirely legit. You can even check the sender’s address, and you will see that the address belongs to Venmo services.

Venmo does such, giving freebies to users very handsomely. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newcomer, a very old user, or an inactive user; If Venmo feels like you are eligible, it will provide you with 10 dollars bonus. 

Now, this does not mean that you can not get tricked on the internet. So, it is best that you check whether the offer you are getting is legitimate or not. Moreover, if you come across this $ 10 bonus offer on the social media account, then you must check whether it is from the verified Venmo social account or not. 

A similar thing goes with emails. You must check the source of the email. And if it is from any Venmo team, then it will mostly end with or 

This Venmo bonus offer is very occasional, so it’s best to be sure that you have received the offer from the legit source of Venmo. Once fully ensured, you can then enjoy the 10 dollars you have received in the offer.

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Venmo $10 bonus email

Venmo has a system where it sends out several emails, providing a bonus for the transactions. One such bonus amount is $10. This mail is generally sent to Venmo users who have been inactive for some time and are not using the Venmo app for some time. This $10 bonus is to lure some inactive users back to using Venmo services. 

To avail of such offers, just click on the link you get in your mail before it expires, then follow the login process. It can also ask you to perform a transaction to give you a reward. So, you go ahead with the transaction if needed, and finally, the $10 reward will be in your Venmo account wallet.

How to get Venmo $10 reward?

It is very easy to get the Venmo $ 10 reward. This reward is for a new account. So, simply follow the following steps, and then you will have your Venmo account along with $ 10 in it.

  1. Click on the invitation or referral link you received for the Venmo account.
  2. Sign up for the Venmo account by filling out the necessary details. You will have to enter your name, email, date of birth, and some other information. 
  3. After signing up, make sure that you complete the mobile verification process.
  4. Voila, your account is ready to use. But first, link your bank account and debit card to your Venmo wallet to start making the payments.
  5. Now, once you finish paying a minimum of $5 to any other Venmo user, you can finally wait for the 10 dollars to show up in your account.

Also, you must keep in mind the eligibility criteria of Venmo before applying for the reward. Also, the invitation link is only valid for a short period, so make sure you do the signup and necessary qualifying payment in the given time.

How to get Venmo sign-up bonus code?

Venmo is designed for P2P transactions. And when you open your account using a referral link or code. You get a $10 bonus on completing a minimum of 5 dollars transaction at first. The signup bonus code is extremely important to get the reward. This code can only be referred to you by someone else.

Now, this code can be referred to you either by your friend or even by Venmo.  Or you can look for this code on the internet to use it for your benefit.

How to get Venmo $15 offer?

Well, you cannot get the $15 offer directly. This offer is only for the targeted user who has not been using the Venmo app for a while. These users can get the reward just by logging back into the Venmo system.

Acutely, this offer goes like they miss you and are giving the 15 dollars for you to give a try to Venmo again. They will provide you with the deadline date, and you have to log back to the Venmo app before the given date and have $15 in your account.

To use the benefits of this offer, just go through these steps.

  1. Click on the invitation link that you got in your email. It takes you to the login page.
  2. Log in to the Venmo app and perform a qualifying transaction. 

Once the transaction is completed, your 15 dollars will be transferred to your Venmo account for you to spend.

How much is the Venmo referral bonus?

Venmo has indeed given an opportunity to its user to earn by referring Venmo to their friends and inviting them on board. Furthermore, if your friend uses your link and opens an account, they can also make a $10 bonus.

However, to get the bonus, your friend has to follow some eligibility criteria for getting the reward for both sides. For instance, your friend has to make their first payment to another Venmo user within 14 days of account creation using the referral link or code. 

Here, the referrer can earn up to $100 since they can avail of a total of 10 referral bonuses. And also, make sure that you follow the terms of Venmo.


Does Venmo have a sign-up bonus?

Yes, Venmo does have a signup bonus, or you can say a reward of $10. This amount will be transferred to the eligible Venmo account. The amount will be reflected in your account within ten days of signup. Your eligibility will be decided based on the terms and conditions for the bonus by Venmo.

Why did Venmo pay me $5?

Venmo gives $5 as a reward for completing qualifying transactions. You are eligible for this reward only if you complete five transactions online or offline via your Venmo debit card. So, if you have received $5, then you have completed this task, and as a reward, you got some bucks.

Does Venmo have a promotion?

Yes, Venmo does have a referral promotion, especially if you have a new account. The reward ranges from about $5 to $15. You just have to copy the referral link and share it with your friend to get this reward. And when then your friend signs up using that link, you get your bonus.

How do I get my free Venmo account?

To get a free Venmo account, you have to sign up for the Venmo personal account. Just fill out the online form, have a mobile verification, and your Venmo account will be ready to use. Also, if you use any referral link or code, you can easily get a $10 reward on the first transaction, and your referrer will also earn a bonus.

How do I use PayPal’s $10 rewards?

Once your reward is confirmed and it reaches your account, then you use the reward anywhere you want it. You either do some shopping with PayPal or withdraw this $10 reward. You pay any bill with it. Overall, it’s up to you on how you want to spend your reward.

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