How to Increase Venmo Business Account Limit [$49,999.99]?

What is Venmo business account limit? 

Venmo has set specific business and personal account limits to help you separate your business and personal finances. 

Your account limit is weekly. There are different limits for both person-to-person payments and bank transfers. 

Venmo business account Limit

Verified account 

If you have verified your account with Venmo, the bank transfer limit is $49,999.99, and the person-to-person transfer limit is $24,999.99. 

Unverified accounts 

The bank transfer limit is $999.99, whereas the person-to-person payment limit is $2,499.99. 

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How to increase Venmo business account limit? 

If you want to increase your Venmo business account limits, the only option you have is to verify your account with Venmo. 

Don’t know the steps to follow for verifying your business account? 

If you don’t know how to increase Venmo business account limits, then follow the below-mentioned steps to increase your limit: 

● Open the app and tap on the single person icon, as by tapping on this, you will be directed to the “you” section. 

● Move to the settings of the Venmo app. If you face any difficulty finding the settings section, just look at the top right corner of your screen; it is available there.

● Tap on “identity verification” and follow the instructions given on your screen to verify your account. 

You can only do account verification via the Venmo app, so don’t try to do this by the website as it will only waste your time. 

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What is Venmo business account transaction limit? 

The business account transaction limit totally depends on whether your account is verified or not. For verified accounts, the transaction limit is higher than unverified ones.

The transaction limit for verified accounts. 

The maximum transaction limit is $49,999.99. From this, your person-to-person transaction limit is 24,999.99. 

Whereas the instant transaction limits are different. 

For a debit card, the transaction limit is 10,000, while for a transfer to a bank account, the limit is $50,000. 

Now, it’s time to know about the transaction limits of unverified accounts

The transaction limit is $2,999.99 for person-to-person transfers, and the bank transfer limit is reduced to $999.99. 

What is Venmo business account spending limit?

The Venmo business account spending limits differ for verified and unverified accounts. 

Unverified accounts have fewer limits, whereas your limits will be increased if your account is verified. 

As a verified account holder, you can spend $24,999.99 per week, in you can only spend $2,999.99 in a single transaction. 

As an unverified account holder, you can only spend $2,999.99 (person-to-person payments) and $999 for bank transfer payments. 

Venmo business vs. personal account 

A business profile with Venmo helps you send and receive both business and personal transactions within the same account. For record-keeping purposes, it keeps these two categories separate. 

Following are the restrictions of having both accounts:

● Your Venmo account can be suspended for any reason. 

● Personal Venmo debit card transactions can not be funded using Venmo business profiles. 

● You will be responsible for paying all taxes. 

Below mentioned are the areas where major differences lie between personal and professional accounts: 

Business fees 

Following are the charges for both personal and business accounts per transaction: Business account 

● 1.9% + $0.10 per transaction when you do it with the Venmo app and QR code. ● 3.49% + $.049 for purchases made online. 

Personal account 

● Upto 3% of the transaction if it is done online. 

● 1.9% + $0.10 when the transaction is done via the Venmo app. 

Venmo rates for personal transactions are reasonable, but they charge very high when it comes to online transactions. 

Weekly limits 

There is a great difference between the weekly transaction limits between personal and business accounts. 

Personal accounts 

For verified accounts, the transaction limit is $6,999.99, whereas, for unverified accounts, it is just $299.99. This includes both person-to-person and merchant payments. 

Business accounts 

For verified business accounts, the limit is $49,999.99, while the limit for unverified accounts is just $2999.99 for person-to-person payments and $999 for bank transfers.

Pros and cons Business account 


● No interchange of vees is done via credit card use. 

● Mobile friendly and provide hassle-free usage of features. 

● Charge low transaction fees. 

● Provide sellers with social media marketing tools for free, which are in-built with the app. 

● Initiates contactless payments. 


● For payment to the Venmo app, customers should have Venmo accounts. ● Sales taxes are charged. 

● Limited reporting tools 

● Venmo Business account limits can be the biggest con for large businesses. ● Integration fees are high. 

● Limited customers management tools. 

Prons & Cons Personal account 


● PayPal power-back the security. 

● Seamless payment services 

● Works the same as PayPal. 


● Share payment history publically, which leads to privacy issues. 

● Can’t use the website for payments. 

● No international payments are allowed. 


Does Venmo allow business accounts? 

Yes, Venmo allows business accounts, but it has set transaction limits weekly. 

Is there any limit on Venmo business transactions? 

Yes, there is a weekly limit on business accounts. The weekly transaction limit is $49,999.99. You also have to face per transaction limits.

How much can I Venmo in one transaction with a business account? 

In case you are making a debit card transaction, you can only do a transaction of $10,000 (instant transfer). You can Venmo $50,000 in one transaction with your business account. 

Can I use Venmo for my business account? 

Yes, you can use Venmo for your business account but don’t forget that Venmo has set some weekly and per-transaction limits. You can’t do any transaction beyond that limit. But if you have a small business, Venmo can be the best fit for you. 

Don’t forget that you can’t use your personal account for business transactions as it goes against their privacy policy. So if you want to use Venmo for business account, make a separate account for business. 

Above mentioned detail is about the Venmo business account. I hope this information has helped you get answers to all questions you had related to the Venmo business account. Still have any questions regarding limits, etc.? Ask me in the comment section, and I will try to solve your queries regarding the Venmo business account.

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