Venmo Debit Card Fees- Venmo App Fee Calculator [2024]

Venmo is a payment app that is used for online transactions for splitting payments between friends and family in the United States. Venmo provides the advantage of a debit card to its customer. 

Venmo debit card fees

You can get a Venmo debit card free of cost from the Venmo company. The company does not charge any monthly fees for using the debit card. Although there are some additional charges that you have to pay while withdrawing cash from the ATM. To get extra cash from ATM, you have to pay $2.50 for domestic usage and $3 for over-the-counter withdrawal fees as a signature is obligatory at a bank or financial institution for all these transactions.

Venmo debit card international fees

Venmo debit card international fees

Venmo is an American company that launched a payment app for online transactions. With the Venmo app, you can conveniently pay for groceries, shopping malls, and other bills. You can use a Venmo account for making payments after you link it to your debit card.

Venmo does not deal with international payments so there is no question of international fees. Due to legal formalities and exchange rate complications, Venmo does not deal with international payments. Hence you can use Venmo only for domestic payments.

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Venmo debit card ATM fees

Venmo provides you free of cost a debit card that does not even charge monthly fees. Although there are other expenses that you have to pay with this debit card. So what are these charges? In case you make any cash withdrawal from the ATM in case of emergency or for normal usage you have to pay an extra amount of fees which is $2.50 every time when you want extra money.

For over-the-counter cash withdrawal, you ought to pay $3 as fees. In this kind of payment, a signature is mandatory in banks and financial institutions. You can avoid these ATM fees if you select MoneyPass ATM for cash withdrawals.

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Are there hidden fees with Venmo debit card?

No, Venmo has clearly explained all the fees that are charged with a Venmo debit card. Venmo gives you a free debit card for usage with no extra yearly charges. The Venmo Mastercard can be used anywhere in the United States and nearly territories. You can also check the fees on the Venmo website as they provide complete information over there. There are many ways that have been explained by Venmo to avoid the fees. 

For instance, to avoid instant transaction fees, the company also gives an option of standard transfers with no extra fees. For ATM withdrawal also, in case you choose MoneyPass, you can save yourself from paying an extra $2.50 everytime.

How much does Venmo charge for debit card?

Fortunately, the Venmo account does not charge any money for Debit card. 

What is the Venmo app fee calculator?

With Venmo you can do instant transfers but for that, you have to pay certain fees. In case you want to calculate the fees, you can use the Venmo instant app fee calculator that simplifies the calculation. The amount that you wish to transfer is entered first and then Venmo will calculate the fees and the amount that the recipient actually gets after the transfer.

The calculation does not take much time and tells you within few seconds and makes the work simpler. You can instantly transfer money from $0.25 or more. Earlier the transfer fee was 1.5% but from May 2022 the fee has been increased to 1.75% of the transfer amount.

Venmo app fee calculator

If you want to calculate your Venmo fee, then click on this link- 

After you click on this link, you will enter a page where you will find a Venmo calculator (withdrawal+ Sending money). Below that you will find a blue-colored box asking you to enter the amount of money at the bottom. Enter the cash amount and the Venmo fee calculator will calculate your fee instantly. You can use the Venmo fee calculator for your basic needs. It is free to use. Contact the customer care of Venmo for further queries at [email protected].

How to use Venmo fee Calculator?

Venmo has kept the working of the fee calculator simplified and easy to understand. You have to enter the amount that you ought to transfer to the other person. Before entering the amount you must know that the transfer fees will be deducted from that amount and the person will receive less money than you have entered.

After you enter the amount, Venmo will look out the transfer fee on that amount and will show you the actual money that the person will receive. So, add an extra amount as a transfer fee before sending money to the person.

For Instance, If you want to instantly transfer $1 to some other account and the fee of transfer is $0.25 then the actual amount that the other person will get is $0.75. The transfer fees vary from a minimum of $0.25 to a maximum of $25 that depends on the amount you want to transfer.

Venmo App FAQs

Does the Venmo debit card have foreign transaction fees?

Venmo debit card cannot be used for foreign transactions and hence there is no point of free or paid foreign transactions. In case you are using a Venmo credit card then you can make international payments and all the payments are free internationally. You can check the Venmo website to check the exchange rates and further details.

Does Venmo charge a fee for debit cards?

No, extra money is spent to get a Venmo debit card. You can apply online for the debit card from the Venmo app. In case your old Venmo card is going to expire, you can also ask for a replacement of a new debit card. The Venmo app starts giving you intimation of expiry 60 days prior so that you can book a new one.

Is getting a Venmo debit card free?

Yes, you can get a Venmo debit card free of cost. Venmo does charge for the annual usage of debit cards. The only payment that you ought to pay is the ATM charges. You have to pay  $2.50 extra for the withdrawal of money at the ATM. Except for this, there are no debit card fees and it is totally free of cost.

How do I avoid ATM fees on Venmo?

You have to pay additional money if you get money from the ATM in case you are using a Venmo debit card. There are numerous options that you can choose to avoid ATM charges. One of them is by using MoneyPass ATMs, you can avoid the additional ATM fees on Venmo in the United States. So, find a nearby MoneyPass ATM to withdraw money.

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