Venmo Debit Card Review- Secure Your Venmo Card Now [2024]?

Venmo Debit Card review

Venmo app is the latest and trending payment choice to your friends and family. You will have no restrictions while choosing the retailer you want to pay or send money to an authorized vendor. You can instantly receive funds in your Venmo account as well. All you need to do is have a bank account linked to your Venmo account and be a citizen of the US and US territories.

You can see great reviews about the Venmo debit card in 2022 as it gives you the privilege to do online purchases rather than just transfers. The debit card grants access to check the balance at the time of purchase to the users and also they can easily transfer the funds from the bank account in case of shortage. This is one of the customer reviews.

Moving further, some people have negative reviews due to no international payments as Venmo debit cards can only be used in the United States. 

In addition to this, some users are content with the cashback offers that they get with Venmo debit cards. Some are instant cashback and others are rewards that are spontaneously added to the Venmo account after usage of debit cards.

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Is it safe to use Debit Card on Venmo?

Venmo debit card review

Venmo is an impetus app where transactions are done conveniently within a few seconds. It is completely safe to use a Venmo debit card as encryption technology is being used by the banks to keep the data safe. With this technology, nobody can access the information and adds an extra safety feature that makes the user account more secure.

Venmo gives a free debit card that can be used for making all sorts of online payments anywhere, anytime. There are no monthly fees that need to pay for a Venmo debit card. You can also withdraw cash from a Venmo debit card with ease and at no extra cost at MoneyPass ATMs and $2.5 for any other ATM.

You can freely use the Venmo debit in the US but in case thinking to go abroad then make sure that you carry other cards as Venmo does not work internationally.

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Venmo app Security

Venmo app is a completely safe app to use and make payments. The creators of Venmo uses encryption to protect payments.

Venmo being a digital wallet, it becomes important to secure the app properly. There are umpteen ways that you can try for the safety of the Venmo app. Let’s dive in:

1. Alter your privacy settings

When you install a Venmo app, you will notice that your privacy settings are selected as “Public” which implies that everyone in your contacts can see all the transactions so make sure that you alter your privacy settings and change them to “Private” that is no one except you can see the transactions that you are doing.

To change the settings, firstly open the settings and click “Privacy”. Now, open the “Transaction History” and alter it to “Private” with a single click. Now only you can see the payments made. 

2. Use multi-factor authentication

This multi-factor authentication is provided by Venmo and it is enabled. In this, you get a code every time you try to do any transaction. This is a unique code that you have to fill in case you log in to any new device.

3. Have a Biometric lock or Set a Pin

You can add the Pin and a Biometric for additional security of the device. To enable this move to “Settings” and click “ Pin code and Biometric Unlock” and set a pin and fingerprint that you can use every time you use the Venmo app.

Venmo app pros and cons

Advantages of using a Venmo card:

  • You can freely send money using your Venmo debit card or from your bank account
  • You can buy things at select purchases
  • You can add social element to transactions
  • Convenient and quick payment methods
  • Credit card payments will require you to pay a low fee
  • Offers a Debit and Credit card

Disadvantages of using a Venmo card:

  • You can use a Venmo card only within the US
  • You cannot cancel payments that are once made
  • Popular with scammers
  • No international transactions

Venmo FAQs

Is a Venmo debit card worth it?

Yes, the Venmo debit card is completely worth it. The debit cards come with great offers that are there is no annual fees that you have to pay. There are numerous cash rewards that the company offers but all depends on your spending habits. The company also offers free access to Moneypass ATMs where you do not have to pay any extra cost for withdrawals.

Why should you use a Venmo card?

There are a plethora of reasons for using a Venmo card that are Venmo gives you a mobile application that assists you to send money, anywhere and anytime. It is very convenient to check your balance and reload it again with the Venmo app. There are so many ATMs so, withdrawal is no issue. Venmo also gives an option of choosing the color of your Venmo card and also contactless payment options.

Is Venmo debit card free?

There is no fees to apply for a Venmo card, the company offers it free of cost. There is no extra for  making payments at shopping malls, paying bills, or online transactions to friends. There are certain charges that you might have to pay at the time of withdrawing money but that can be avoided if you use MoneyPass ATMs.

How long are Venmo debit cards good for?

Mostly debit cards expire after two to three years but you can apply a new one before its expiry. Before the expiry, you will see a notification on the Venmo app for the replacement of the debit card. Venmo starts sending you a notification 60 days prior so that you get a new card before the expiry. As soon as you will activate the new card, the old card will get deactivated.

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