What is Venmo Limit to Send Money and How to increase it? [Tutorial]

What is Venmo limit to send money? 

Before starting using Venmo and making payments through it, it is crucial to know the limits of sending money. 

Most of the limits are “rolling limits,” which means that the limits can be reset after a period of time. 

Venmo has set distinct limits for business and personal accounts. There is no daily limit for sending/receiving money. Although, there are limits per transaction. 

It has set weekly limits. It has set different limits for verified and unverified accounts. If your account is verified, your transaction limit will be high. 

Venmo sending Limit

Limits for personal accounts

For verified accounts, the limit is 6,999.99, whereas, for unverified accounts, the limit is just $299.99. This limit includes payments to both person-to-person and authorized merchants. 

Restrictions For business accounts 

The limit for sending money for Venmo business accounts is $50,000 for verified accounts, while the limit for unverified accounts is approximately $47,500. 

What is Venmo daily limit to send money

There is no daily limit to sending money through Venmo. It doesn’t matter whether your venmo account is verified or not. 

What is Venmo weekly limit to send money

Your Venmo weekly limit to send money totally depends on whether your account is verified or not. 

Unverified accounts 

An unverified account has a lower limit than accounts that are verified. Your weekly rolling limit is $299.99 for all transactions. 

Don’t forget that the more you spend on person-to-person payments, the less you can spend on merchant transactions, as they have set a limit.

For instance: 

If you have spent $100 to send money to a friend, then you will only have $199.99 left to spend at merchants for the week. 

So be conscious when you spend money on your Venmo account. If you want to increase your limit, verify the account with Venmo first. 

Verified accounts 

After verifying your account, your weekly limit for sending money on Venmo will be increased to $6,999.99. This spending is divided into two parts: 

● Person-to-person payments 

● Merchant transactions 

Venmo has set different limits on how much you can spend in each category. The choice is yours whether you choose to transfer the amount in one transaction or break it up into several transactions. 

Venmo business account sending limit 

Business accounts have completely different restrictions on sending money. If your company makes a Venmo business profile, you will gain access to specialized services like faster payments, etc. 

Business accounts have different payment restrictions, which helps you to keep your personal and business finances separate. You can also spend or transfer your business to your bank account without having any impact on personal profile restrictions. 

The weekly limit for sending money on Venmo for business accounts is $24,999.99( person-to-person payments), only if you have passed identity verification. 

The maximum transfer limit for each week is $49,999.99. 

The instant transaction limit to your debit card is $10,000, while for instant transfer to your bank accounts, the limit is $50,000. 

The information mentioned above is for verified accounts. Now let’s come to the limits of unverified accounts.

You will have a reduced weekly payment of $2,499.99 if you have not completed your account verification for your business profile. The bank transfer limit will be reduced to $999.99. 

How to increase Venmo sending limit? 

The only way to increase the limit for sending money on Venmo is by verifying your account with Venmo. 

Don’t know how to verify your Venmo account? 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to verify your account with Venmo: 

● Open the Venmo app and then click on the single person icon, as this will take you to the “you” section. 

● Go to the settings of your app (the settings option is available at the top right corner). ● Click on “identity verification.” And follow the steps they ask you to. 

Don’t forget; you can only verify your account via Venmo account, not the Venmo website. 


How much money can you send on Venmo in one transaction? 

For person-to-person payment, the once transaction limit is $4999.99, and for authorized merchants, the limit is $2,999.99. This is for verified accounts. 

For unverified accounts, you can only spend $299.99 on one transaction. 

Can you send $1000 on Venmo?

Yes, you can send $1,000 on Venmo, but you should have a verified account if you are doing this transaction with your personal account. 

You can send $1,000 from your business account even if the account is not verified. 

Venmo is a payment app, but it has set limits on your transactions. This was all the information that you might want to know about the limits set by Venmo. If you have any questions regarding the limits, ask me in the comment section.

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