Venmo phone number already registered “Solution”

Are you facing trouble with your phone number while trying to log in on Venmo? If yes, hang on, and read till the end, so we clear your queries. This article will guide you to get answers to the problems you are facing on Venmo.

Venmo phone number already registered “Solution”

Are you new to Venmo? Have you faced errors while signing up on Venmo? Are you getting messages stating that your Venmo phone number is already registered whenever you try logging into your account? No worries, this section will guide you to solve your activation errors. We will investigate the probable reasons behind the error message you have been getting while signing up for your account. Things could be confusing if you try to solve them on your own. We will try to find out what’s happening with your sign-up process. 

There are two reasons behind such an error:

Venmo Phone Number Already Registered

You already have an account on this number

You will not be able to create a new Venmo account if you have previously opened a Venmo account with the same number. As per the rules and Privacy Policy of Venmo, you can not create more than one account with the same number. 

Venmo account has been created accidentally.

If you were in the process of creating an account with this number earlier and stopped midway, this error can also arise. Once stopped midway after registering the phone number, the Venmo account will be auto-set up without your knowledge. Try contacting the support team if you think you have tried to sign-up earlier too. 

Try forgetting your password to reset your password and manage to log in to your account. The other solution: reach the Venmo support team and register your query explaining everything you are facing. They can surely provide you with legit and doable fixes.

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What to do if your phone number is already registered on Venmo?

If you are getting a message saying, “Your number is already registered on Venmo,” it is better to try to access your account. Wasting time thinking about how and when you created this account will result in nothingness. There are a few available options that can help you out with the sign-up process:

Forget Password

If you have the registered number with you, click on Forgot Password to reset your password and get access to your account. The Forgot Password option can be seen on the login page. After resetting the previous one, you must follow the basic prompts for creating a new password. After that, you can log in with the new credentials to your account.

Sign-up with email

If you have only one mobile number that also appears to be registered, you can sign-up by email. If you want to create a new account but have no other mobile number, use your email instead. In the Sign-up process, select Sign-up with Email to create an account. 

Contact Venmo Support

It is always a good idea to forward your in-application troubles to the support team. The Venmo support team will look into the matter and provide suitable solutions to get out of this problem. Maybe they can try to deactivate the account with this registered mobile number so you do not get the same error again next time. 

How do I reset my phone number on Venmo?

If you get a message from Venmo saying, “Your number is already registered on Venmo,” whenever you try to sign-up, you can try resetting your password since Venmo believes that you have an active account with your phone number; why not get its access instead of resetting your phone number? To log in, you must have the registered phone number, which is already with you, and the password. Since you are unaware of the account activation, you won’t remember your password either. To reset:

  • Launch the application
  • On your login page, click on Forgot Password
  • Enter your phone number
  • You will find a password reset link on your mobile number
  • Click on the reset link
  • Set a solid and easy-to-remember password
  • Refresh the page and try login in with the newly created password

How to get a free phone number for Venmo verification?

A phone number is mandatory if you want to set up your account on Venmo. You can generate a fake one if you do not have a working phone number. Many websites and tools can help you generate fake phone numbers and receive real-time SMS codes. You can get these numbers for free or from a premium subscription. For the readers, it is good to buy a valid new phone number; if not, try going for the premium fake ones. 

To get a free phone number for Venmo verification, you must type in some relevant keywords, like fake phone numbers, for confirmation on your web browsers. For the tools that come up at the top of the search result, open them. Look for the premium phone numbers and buy them. Now you can use the fake phone to get an SMS code for verification. You need to enter the number during sign-up, fetch the code from the tool, and enter it for confirmation. 

How to bypass Venmo phone verification?

Verification of phone numbers is mandatory for setting up a new account on Venmo. Users who do not have any unique number with them but still want to create a new account might become hopeless. But let me tell you, Venmo phone verification is still possible if you do not have a valid phone number. This is known as bypassing phone verification. Practically, this is not a legal step one should go after for their phone verification on Venmo. However, for someone who is really in need, it becomes a significant factor.

To bypass a Venmo phone verification, you can take the help of temporary numbers.

  • Open your web browser and search for fake temporary numbers
  • Open a relevant website
  • Search for the active number with your country code
  • Copy the phone number and paste it into the mobile number box on Venmo
  • Click Next
  • It will send four digit code for the verification of the mobile number
  • Please enter the code by looking at it from the SMS box on the website 
  • Click on Submit Code

After the submission, Venmo will verify you, and the account will be live. If Venmo can’t verify the phone number, try for a different one next time.

Why won’t my phone number work for Venmo?

Your phone might not work for Venmo in several cases:

  • Your mobile number is already registered on Venmo. If this is the case, creating another account with the same phone number will result in duplicity, and Venmo won’t allow it. 
  • Your phone number has become inactive, and you cannot receive SMS from Venmo. SMS also includes security codes integral to performing any task on Venmo.
  • The wrong password has been entered for your phone number multiple times. This might have prevented your phone number from working for Venmo for some time. 

Can I use a Fake phone number for Venmo?

A Venmo account can still be created with a fake mobile number. You can quickly generate a phony phone number and use it to bypass Venmo verification. Once the verification is done, you can easily access your Venmo account. However, the numbers you get from such websites are temporary. They get disabled and inaccessible after some time. So, remember to buy a new number in-between period. 

Having a legit phone number will always keep you away from any legal problems. People can easily search for you on Venmo by entering your mobile number. Hence, a mobile number becomes an integral part of Venmo to keep your identity alive. 

How to change my phone number on Venmo?

To change your phone Venmo, follow the steps below:

  • Launch the application and sign in to your account
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines on the top corner of the screen
  • You will get the Settings Menu on your screen.
  • Please navigate to the Edit Profile option and click on it.
  • You can see your phone number on the page that appears.
  • Tap on the Phone Number and replace it with a new number
  • Tap on Done

Remember, you cannot remove your phone number from your Venmo account. Unregistering your phone number is not supported on Venmo. 


Is Venmo linked to a phone number?

You must link your Venmo account to an active phone number. Venmo will send a security code to your phone number for verification. Your account can be activated only after you have entered the correct verification code. The phone number on Venmo describes your identity and it becomes easy for other Venmo users as well to search for you on Venmo.

Can you use the same phone number for 2 Venmo accounts?

No, you can not use the same phone number for 2 Venmo accounts. You will get an error stating that your phone number is registered on Venmo whenever you try to create a new account with the same number. 

Will Venmo ask for the last four digits of the phone number?

Venmo asks for the 4-digit code by sending an SMS to your number. This is to verify your phone number and complete the verification process of Venmo to create your account. On the other hand, Venmo does not ask for the last four digits of the phone number at any stage. It’s the 4-digit code only that demands verification. 

Why my phone number is already registered with Venmo?

If you are getting to know that your phone is already registered with Venmo, then it is you who might have recorded it earlier. We have discussed all the possible reasons because you can get an error of “phone number is already registered with Venmo.”

Can you unregister a phone number on Venmo?

You can not unregister your phone number on Venmo, but you can replace it with a new one. You can make the changes by going to Settings and clicking on the Phone Number to change it. Remember, the mobile number you are registering is active.

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