Can You Use Venmo with Credit Card [Complete Guide 2024]?

Until a few years ago, Venmo had not made significant changes to their technology to accommodate credit card payments. In the long term, however, they realized that credit card inclusion on Venmo was a must if they were to compete in the market and attract a wider audience. In fact, it went to such an extent that Venmo went all the way to introduce their own Visa-backed credit card back in October 2020 which is designed to work smoothly using your current Venmo profile. Among the best features is the possibility to gain up to 3% cash back incentives personalized to your expenditure 

Let’s learn the steps to link and use a credit card on Venmo:

Venmo with Credit Card
  • Look for the three horizontal lines icon which is typically somewhere around the top left corner. Once you find it, just click on it!
  • Proceed to “Settings”
  • Now, look for the option – “Payment Methods” and select it.
  • Choose “Add bank or card”
  • Now, because we want to add a card, we shall be selecting the “Card” option
  • At this stage, feel free to use the camera to automatically scan the card details, or take the manual approach of entering the card information carefully.

Is it over? Wait, let’s even learn how to set a credit card as the default payment option for Venmo:

In the “Banks & Cards” section, you may designate the credit card as the chief source of Venmo payment. After that, your credit card will be used automatically whenever you decide to send payments using Venmo. Also, remember to keep an eye on your spending as usual.

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Can I use Venmo credit card anywhere? 

Synchrony Bank issues the Venmo credit card, which may be used wherever Visa cards are accepted, such as online stores, gas stations, and restaurants. Whether you prefer to buy online or in person, the Venmo Credit Card is a convenient way to pay for your purchases. In fact, you can send money to friends and businesses right from the Venmo app itself.

Can you use Venmo with only Credit Card?

Yes, you can use Venmo with just credit card also. If you are 18+ living in the USA with a local phone number, then you can easily register for Venmo and use your credit card as the major source of payment transfers across your friends. In fact, not only among friends, but even across all the restaurants, cinema halls, online outlets, or pretty much anywhere Venmo is accepted as a major payment mode.

Can Venmo work with credit card?

Instead of this, you should be asking why not? Venmo is a prominent financial service that allows you to send and receive money. The initiative gained notoriety in a short period of time and was so well-liked that PayPal decided to buy it. In the eyes of the younger generation, Venmo is cooler and more popular than PayPal. Actually, it’s more than simply an app for managing your personal finances! Users may post emojis or actual comments at the end of just about every financial transaction, which renders it so enticing to the younger generation.

In 2022, Venmo is so successful that it can’t afford not to accept credit cards because of its popularity. If you use a well-known card like Visa or Mastercard, you shouldn’t have any problems using Venmo with your card.

Can you use credit card for Venmo payments?

Credit Card is supported for Venmo payments, but there are a few underlying rules that you must know when planning to initiate transactions, whether between friends or merchants.

Using Credit Card for Venmo Payments Between Friends:

Sending the money through Venmo with a credit card will cost you an additional 3% of the total amount. Expenses incurred by sending money to loved ones might soon pile up. Let’s take an instance, and make it easier for you: $35 sent to your brother via Venmo using a credit card shall incur an extra cost of $1.05. Now, you see that, in the longer run, this feature of Venmo could backfire on you if you don’t learn to properly manage payments between friends via credit card.

Using Credit Card for Venmo Payments For Merchants Purchases:

Using a credit card via Venmo to pay for a transaction on a sales page or in a store is exempt from the 3% charge. It’s much like shopping at an offline store, except that the firm you’re purchasing through will be liable for settling the credit card charges.

Using Credit Card for Venmo Payments For Small Merchants:

Individuals possessing a business profile may also be charged fees when you make payments to them. Consider the smaller merchants or workers you know, such as the babysitter that visits you weekly or even your house helper.

You might well be capable of paying these folks using a credit card through their Venmo business profile, although in conducting so, you’ll really be pulling a portion of the amount away from them as they would need to incur the credit card costs.

Can you pay someone through Venmo with a credit card?

Yes, you can make use of a credit card to pay someone through Venmo, however, not always it’s going to turn out to be a great idea. Let us mention that the only payment technique that’s most likely to cost you an extra 3% fee on the payment sent is none other than the credit card mode. Remember that the fee from the card issuer won’t be charged given that it’s an acquisition as opposed to a cash advance. In such an instance where you are being charged extra, try to opt for other alternative methods like prepaid card, bank account or debit card.

The good news is that the rule of 3% fee isn’t for all the scenarios. When buying off anything from an ecommerce site, offline store, or anywhere where Venmo is accepted, you will most likely be exempted from the 3% rule. We recommend you first take some time to patiently link your credit card with the Venmo profile, then post that, and begin transacting.


Does using a credit card on Venmo count as a cash advance?

In the previous section, we said that the card issuer doesn’t impose any additional fees and that the regular 3% fee guideline applies. But, you know what? Once your personal transactions are recorded as cash advances, the problem begins! There are certain banks that may do this.

When making use of credit to profess payments to other individuals on Venmo, certain credit card issuers may levy extra cash advance costs, presumably along with a percentage rate, in relation to certain other potential cash advance processing charges, such as a greater APR.

Can you use Venmo to get credit card points?

Venmo payments can get you rewards points, but certain incentive types might not even be eligible due to the overall way transactions are disclosed to the card provider. Transaction codes from merchants are commonly used to determine the kind of incentives you’ll earn from a credit card provider. 

Venmo is a great linkage, however it’s not assured that this will remain the case. Do not forget to factor it in when determining your estimated reward points! Though such financial actions might not have much impact if the card is a straight cashback card.

Can you use Venmo balance to pay credit card?

Even though users might need a credit card to pay for purchases made using Venmo, you are unable to transfer funds from your Venmo account to pay down an amount on a credit card.

You have the option of withdrawing money from your Venmo account using a variety of payout options, the most prominent of which are moving funds to a linked debit card or savings account. Either way, you can even spend them at some merchants. After the funds have been returned to your savings account, you will then be able to utilise the money to make a payment on your credit card.


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