Venmo Credit Card Reviews [2024] Is there any extra charges?

Venmo credit card reviews

Venmo proffers credit cards to its customers but there are certain conditions set by the company. The conditions are a person should be 18 years and must be in the United States. Moreover, the credit score should be 670 to apply for the card. Venmo credit card is full of mixed reviews. So let’s dive:

  • Some of the new customers think that Venmo offers great cashback options and they are earning quite well with Venmo cashback categories as Venmo is allowing them to have unlimited cashback.
  • As per some Venmo credit card owners, the way to track the cashback is complicated and Venmo should simplify the count of cashback so that they can keep track of it easily.
  • Few individuals say that as they make fewer purchases that’s why they are getting less cashback. Venmo’s credit card cashback is made for the person who is a shopaholic and does frequent shopping. However, Venmo should fix the cashback so that they can also earn cashback.

The US customers are extremely happy with the Venmo credit card. The Venmo credit card allows users to earn 3% cash back on the top spend category, 2% cash back on the second top second category, and 1% cash back on the rest of the spend purchases throughout year. This is an amazing reward that keeps customers engaged for a long period. 

There is no annual fee debited from the user’s Venmo account on purchasing items from stores that support Venmo credit card. Also, there is no foreign transaction fee charged on the spend purchases of users. 

When you get a Venmo credit card, you get a personal QR code for free. The code acts as a snap to your Venmo friends. Whenever you want your friends to pay you, you can send them your QR code. All they need to do is scan the code. Once scanned, up pops your Venmo profile to which they can send the money.

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Venmo credit card benefits


Venmo credit card offers the following benefits to its customers:

  • The credit card helps customers earn cash back rewards (now you can spend and earn at the same time)
  • Recently, Venmo has provided bonus offers to its users. The cashback rewards have increased by two and now it has become 6%, 4%, and 2% cashback rewards.
  • Venmo allows you to turn your cash back into Crypto
  • The card has a QR code written on it. Now your friends just need to scan the code to transfer money in your account.
  • It is a friend-friendly card
  • It allows you to shop virtually
  • It is a secured card to use

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Is Venmo credit card worth it?

Undoubtedly, the Venmo credit card is worth applying for. Besides the unique opportunity that it offers to earn cashback rewards to users, it charges zero annual and foreign transaction fees. If you use the card regularly, you can add it to your daily life events for convenience. 

Venmo credit card customer service

The Venmo credit card customer service is available 24*7 for the users. For any query, you can mail the customer service providers at the id given here- [email protected]. For additional queries, you can call Synchrony Bank at 855-878-6462. The service providers at Venmo are always ready to solve your questions because they aim at improving the customer base by providing the best-quality support service.

Venmo App FAQs

Is the Venmo credit card a real credit card?

A person can get a Venmo card by applying from the app itself. Venmo credit card is a real credit card like all the other cards. In case you want to apply for a credit card, it is obligatory that the person should have 670 scores. However, if you are unable to return the Venmo payment on time, it will affect your credit score like any other credit card. So, Venmo’s credit card is similar to all other credit cards.

What credit score do I need for a Venmo card?

In case you are wondering to get a Venmo card then make sure that you have a 670 credit score. However, if you do not have the required credit score then plan to escalate your credit score before moving ahead of applying for the Venmo card. You can do that by paying all the pending dues on time. Although, if your credit score is more than 670 then the chances to get the credit card earlier increases.

Does Venmo credit card affect credit score?

Yes, like all other credit cards, the Venmo credit card also affects the credit score, it surges if you are making payments regularly on time, and in case you are doing late payments then there are chances that your credit score will decline. To create a good credit score keep a check on the payment due dates and also try to keep your credit card utilization low. 

Is it better to use a credit card with Venmo?

Venmo credit card comes with many privileges like you do not have to pay any yearly charges as it is free of cost. Further, you can use the Venmo credit card for international payments and you need not have to bear any additional cost for it. Moreover, Venmo also gives a cash advance option this implies you can get cash in times of need from an ATM by using your Venmo credit card. So, a Venmo credit card is better.

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