How to Get Money off Venmo without Card & bank account?

Venmo is the cash-free method of sending and receiving money directly into your account. It is one of the safest, easiest, and fastest modes of money transfer application used by millions in the UK and the US. You can make purchases through the Venmo app, buy crypto coins, make direct bank transfers, and perform a lot more financial operations. Cashing out money from the Venmo application is also as easy as the transfer of funds. Let us have a look at what we have for you in this article regarding withdrawing money from Venmo.

How do you cash out of Venmo?

get money off venmo

Taking out money from the Venmo account is quite easy and just requires a little technical knowledge. There are basically two steps by which you can cash out your Venmo funds. The two methods are:

1. Instant Transfers

In this mode of transfer, you can directly transfer your funds from your Venmo account to your desired bank account or add them to the debit card. This process takes hardly half n hour to get your money deposited into your bank account from your Venmo wallet. But you have to remember that you will be charged a certain percentage of the fee for this Instant Transfer mode. The fee is around 1.75%, which can be understood in more detail by visiting the official handle of Venmo.

2. Standard transfers

This is the most preferable mode of transfer by the users, It does not incur any kind of fees, and the money also gets deposited into your selected bank account safely. The con of this transfer mode is that it will take 1-3 business days for your money to get reflected into your account.

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How to get cash from your Venmo balance?

If you want to withdraw a cash amount from your Venmo wallet, there are options. You can use your Venmo debit card to take out money from the nearby ATMs. All you have to do is to insert your Venmo debit card > enter your 4-digit security pin > enter the amount you want to withdraw > follow the basic prompts and you will be able to withdraw the desired amount in cash.

How to get money off Venmo without card?

Venmo app works in a connected way with your bank account. They linked it with the bank account. Whenever you have to transfer or withdraw money, it syncs itself with the bank account and takes money from there. We can also link it with a credit or debit card. 

So, if you want to get money off without Venmo debit or credit card, you can do this by syncing the app with the bank account.

If you do not have any card to withdraw money from ATM, you can even then get cash from your Venmo account. For this, you need to transfer your money to a bank account and then use that banking card to withdraw money from ATM. To do bank transfer:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Go to the Me tab
  • Under your profile picture, click on the Add or Transfer button
  • Enter the amount you would like to transfer
  • Select your preferred transfer mode (Instant Transfer or Standard Transfer)
  • Review your transfer details
  • Enter pin

And then click on the Transfer button to finish the transaction.

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How to get cash from Venmo debit card?

To get Cash from a Venmo debit card, you can visit your nearby ATMs and use it to withdraw cash just like you do with other banking cards. There are generally no fees associated with withdrawing money through your Venmo debit card if you are using it in the US territory.

How to get cash from Venmo credit card?

If you want to have some advance cash by yourself, you can make use of the Venmo credit card. To withdraw money from the Venmo credit card, you can have a look at the following steps.

  • Call (855) 878-6462 and request a PIN for your credit card from the customer support
  • Go to the nearby ATM and insert the card
  • Enter PIN
  • Select Cash Advance option
  • Enter the amount
  • Follow the prompts and the amount will be cashed out from your Venmo credit card

How to get money off Venmo without bank account?

If you do not have your bank account made, or do not have any access to your friend’s bank account, you can still cash out your Venmo money. For this, you need to order the Venmo Debit card and later use it to withdraw money once the card gets activated. You can use your debit card then to withdraw money from nearby ATMs or use it to pay your cash bills at stores or use it for online payments.

There are two ways in which you can get your money off Venmo:

  1. By syncing the app with your bank account
  2. By syncing the app with your card

In this section, you will learn how you can take money off Venmo without a bank account. So, look below for the same:

  • Open the Venmo app
  • Tap the icon in the top left corner. This appears as three horizontal lines (☰).
  • Click on the Payment Method
  • Click on Add card
  • Add the login credentials of your credit card
  • You can enter the information by scanning with your phone’s camera
  • Verify and proceed.

How to get money off Venmo at Walmart?

Swipe reload with cash- To get money off Venmo at Walmart, take your Venmo card and pre-printed government check to any registered Walmart store. Allow the cashier to check your balance and withdraw the amount using your Venmo. 

Swipe reload with card- On taking part at your nearest registered Walmart store, a cashier will swipe your Venmo card and withdraw the cash directly to your Walmart card.

How to get money off Venmo if account is frozen?

Your Venmo account can get temporarily frozen. This will never happen in a permanent state. So, when your accounts get frozen, try to reinstate the situation. The quickest way to reinstate the Venmo account is to use a debit card to pay back a certain amount. You could also pay back with a bank account but that would take some time since the account is not working now. Here, after receiving the amount, the Venmo account will get reinstated.

Venmo App FAQs

How long does it take to get money off Venmo?

It usually takes seven to ten business days to get money off Venmo.

Venmo transfer money to yourself

You can Venmo transfer money to yourself by adding money either to the bank or credit card or debit card. You can also withdraw cash at the ATM with the help of Venmo debit card. 

How to transfer money from Venmo to the bank?

The money present in your Venmo account is present in your bank as well. You can directly go to the bank and withdraw the money at your convenience.

How to transfer money from Venmo balance to debit card?

To transfer money from Venmo balance to debit card, you need to have a debit card. If you do not have yet, you can apply for one from the app’s card section. After you have applied, you can use your Venmo Debit card to make money credit withdrawals at ATMs nationwide.

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