How to Get Venmo Credit card Cashback Bonus? [2024]

Venmo is an application that came into existence in the year 2009. Paypal took ownership of app in the year 2012. It is a renowned and efficient app, primarily used to make transactions. This app is quite famous and frequently used to split various bills such as food bills, rent, cab fares, etc.

What is Venmo credit card bonus offer?

The Venmo credit card is a card that enables all users to get cashback while making transactions. These transactions include sending, spending, and auto-purchasing crypto from the account Venmo. You can sync your credit card to your Venmo app easily and conveniently. There are special offers available on Venmo credit cards constantly. You need to evaluate if you are eligible for a bonus offer or not. Please make sure to have the updated version of the app, and then you have to go to the credit card section in your app to learn more about the offers.

Using Venmo for credit card bonuses includes the opportunity to earn double cash offers on spend categories. These include 6%, 4%, and 2% on top spend, second top spends, and the rest of the purchases, respectively.

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How to get Venmo credit card bonus?

venmo credit card cash back bonus

Users will become eligible to earn a Venmo credit card bonus once they apply for a credit card. Applying for a credit card is a convenient process. For that, you need to do:

  • Open the Venmo app on your phone
  • You need to have a bank account linked to your Venmo app
  • Click on settings on the upper corner of the app
  • Go to Payment Method and then click on Add Bank or Card
  • You need to select the Card option there as you will add the Venmo credit card
  • Enter valid information about your credit card using the camera of your phone
  • You can also scan the information
  • Review the application process and click on Apply

Following these steps will make sure you get a Venmo credit card within five to seven business days. After you apply for the credit card and receive it in hand, you can earn a bonus. The bonus earning feature is an in-built quality of Venmo and comes along as soon as you apply and receive a credit card number.

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Venmo credit card welcome bonus

Venmo offers an equal bonus to newcomers and long-term users. Venmo is now allowing users to earn double rewards. Now users can use their Venmo credit card to make purchases. On all eligible purchases, they can earn 6 percent cash back on the top spend category, 4 percent cash back on the second top spend category, and 2 percent cash back on the rest of the purchases throughout the year. 

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Sign up Bonus on Venmo credit card

It has to be noted that users get a cash bonus of $100 when they sign up for the Venmo credit card and then make a transaction of at least $1000 in the first six months. You need to match the eligibility criteria to avail this offer. The candidate needs to have a transaction of $1000 or more than $1000 within the first six months of account opening to attain the $100 cashback bonus. This cashback bonus will be transferred automatically to the user’s Venmo account within the next 45 days. In case there is no negative balance in the account at the time of receiving cash back, then the bonus received as cashback will be utilized as balance.

Venmo Application credit card $100 bonus

To avail of this offer, you need to apply for a Venmo credit card account and get approval. Cardholder needs to make a transaction of $1000 or more within 6 months since the account has opened. If the user does so, then only he will be eligible to get a $100 cashback bonus. The cashback will be transferred to the Venmo account of the user within 45 days once the qualification threshold is fulfilled. Other than that both the Venmo account and the Venmo credit card account of the user should stay open at the time of receiving cash back.

Venmo App credit card $150 bonus

Venmo credit card is available in various colors and has a unique QR code on the top. This QR code can be used while making transactions, and it displays the user’s Veno profile on the screen. While using a Venmo credit card for purchases, the user can split the bills among friends through a Venmo account. Users can also utilize this card to do online shopping wherever Visa gets accepted.

As per the rewards program of Venmo credit card, users get cashback on purchases. They instantly get $150 once they sign up and make transactions of $1000 or more within the next six months. Other than that, this cashback can be used to get crypto as well.

$200 bonus on Venmo credit card

It has been evaluated that now the Venmo app has been offering a chance to all the credit cardholders of Venmo to earn a cashback bonus of $200. You need to meet the eligibility criteria to avail of this cashback bonus. To qualify for this particular offer, you need to apply for a new Credit card account by 31st March 2022 and get approval. Other than that, you need to make the transaction of $1000 within the first six months since the account has opened.

Venmo cashback bonus on credit card

Venmo offers credit card cashback bonus to newcomers. This includes:

  • $100 for spending $1000 within 6 months
  • $200 for spending $500 within 3 months
  • $150 for spending $1000 within 180 days

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Venmo App FAQs

Does Venmo count for credit card bonus?

Yes, Venmo counts for a credit card bonus. One way or the other you will have to pay a fee. But in most instances, you will outweigh the money spent by earning a cash bonus.

Does Venmo give you $100 for using it?

Venmo is a renowned and amazing American app that has been used by a large number of users. It has a huge customer base. It has been used to split bills among friends such as movie bills, cab fares, and much more. You would be glad to know that if you make a transaction of $1000 or more within the next 6 months since the credit account of Venmo has opened, you would receive $100 as a cashback bonus. Yes, you get $100 by using the Venmo credit card. You need to be eligible to avail this offer.

Can you use Venmo to get a credit card bonus?

Yes, you can use Venmo to get a credit card bonus from the transaction you carry out. The Venmo credit card offers you different rewards and cashback on every transaction you do with their partnered merchants and online stores. The cashback amount will soon get reflected in your account and you can claim it and use it the way you want.

How do I get $100 on Venmo?

There are a few basic criteria that you must abide by in order to win up to $100 on Venmo. You need to do a minimum transaction of $1000 in the span of 6 months through Venmo, and you can stand out to win amazing rewards and cashbacks worth $100. 

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