How to add Visa Gift card to Venmo Account Balance [2024]?

Venmo is an American mobile-based payment application that helps individuals to send and receive payments safely and socially. Initially, Venmo was launched as a free peer-to-peer payment application. In simple terms, Venmo acts as a platform for two people, one who wants to send a payment and the other who will receive the payment. 

Although it is quite easy to add a bank account or credit card to Venmo, the card where most people get stuck is a gift card. Most of the gift cards are prepaid gift cards that may or may not be linked to your account. 

Venmo only facilitates those credit or debit cards that are network branded cards. So, if you have got any gift cards that are network branded, you can link that as well. 

Through this article, we have mentioned the details of linking your gift cards to your Venmo balance. Let’s begin!

How to add gift card to Venmo balance?

How to add Visa Gift card to Venmo Balance

Venmo is a mobile platform where you can pay and accept money in your account. The good part is the app supports payment through gift cards too. You can use the platform to gift your friends and family on their special occasions.

If you want to add a gift card to Venmo, follow the steps-

1. Open the Venmo account

2. Log in to your account

3. Search for the ‘settings’ button

4. Under the settings menu, search for ‘payment methods’

5. Under this, you will see two options; ‘Bank account’ and ‘Cards.’

6. Click on the ‘cards’ option and now enter the required information for your gift card

7. Like gift card number, expiry date, security number or CVV, zip code, etc.

8. Then, finally, you will be able to add your gift card to it.

Once you have covered the steps mentioned above, the gift card will be added to your account, and you can use it for good purposes.

How to add visa gift card to Venmo account?

Any Visa card would be treated as a debit card by Venmo. To add a Visa gift card to your Venmo account, users will have to try the following process.

  • Once you have opened the Venmo app, you need to log in to the app.
  • From the three lines click on Settings in the top left-hand corner.
  • You will find preferences in the Settings menu.
  • Click on the payment methods which are the second item in the list when going down through the options.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the payment method menu and from there click on the option of adding a bank or card.
  • Click on the card which would be the second option.
  • Punch in the information of your prepaid card and then click on the camera button next to the card number to add a picture of the card.
  • Further, it will auto-populate the rest of the information.
  • Since the card is not officially registered to any address you can simply add your zip code details.
  • Now click on the add card button and then wait for the card to be added to your account.

How to use visa gift card to Venmo balance?

You can easily add the Visa gift card to your Venmo account. If you get a pop-up warning of fraudulent additions, you can simply get in touch with the Venmo card officials via telephone to find out the reason for the pop-up. 

After adding the visa gift card to your Venmo balance you’ll have to transfer the amount to your bank account to empty your Visa card.

How To Add Vanilla Visa Gift Card To Venmo? 

Before we get into the detailed procedure of adding a Vanilla gift card, let me tell you about the gift idea that you can give to your loved ones. Canvas photo prints is the latest treding gift that one can give to his/her loving ones. Now let’s get back to the topic “Vanilla gift card”. Before diving deep into the topic let me tell you, what it is. 

What is a vanilla visa gift card?

It’s a visa gift card that works like any prepaid gift card used to reward people like employees by giving them good incentives in the form of a Vanilla gift card. It’s a visa cum prepaid debit or credit card. 

How do I add a Vanilla visa card to Venmo?

Follow these steps carefully.

1. Click on the Venmo app on your phone

2. Log in to your account

3. Tap on Menu or Three vertical dots representing the menu on the phone

4. Under preferences, click on payment methods

5. Here, you will see two options; first, a Bank account, and the second Card option

6. Now tap under the Card option

7. Here, fill in the details about the vanilla visa card like CVV, expiry date, etc.

8. Or else you can click a picture of the blank card to auto-upload the details available on the card.

Finally, tap the ‘Add Card’ option to add it to your Venmo.


  • It is accepted wherever a Visa card is accepted.
  • Allows you to gift the card to other people with some balance.
  • You can load a chargeable amount to $1.15 per card with no extra charges.
  • It can be loaded in denominations amounting to $20 to $500.


  • It cannot be used in ATMs or with cash in hand.
  • It cannot be used for recurring bills.
  • Can’t encash, but you can sell the gift card online or offline or just get the amount transferred to your Venmo account.

How To Add Prepaid Visa Gift Card To Venmo? 

A prepaid visa gift card is like any other normal prepaid card that you can use for transaction purposes at banks, in-stores, online modes, and wherever these cards are accepted.

  • It’s a Visa card like Master card, American Express, Discover, etc.
  • Acts as a normal debit or credit card while transacting.
  • Used mostly as a gift-giving card.

You can even add money to it (the visa gift card) from your bank account by registering yourself with your card. Otherwise, it doesn’t allow transactions.

Let’s see here how can a prepaid visa gift card be added to the Venmo app-

First, you must activate your visa gift card with the required information.

Upon activation, you will be able to transact.

1. So first open the Venmo app in the browser

2. Log in to your account Venmo.

3. Go to menu options in the Venmo app on your mobile phone

4. Search the ‘Settings’ option and then click on it.

5. Search for ‘payment method’ and tap on it.

6. You will see two options say, ‘Bank account’ and ‘card’ option

7. Tap on the ‘Card’ option

8. You will find them asking for important credentials about the card. Mention it.

9. Mention the prepaid visa gift card details on it

10. Do check if the info given by you is rightly written

11. Then, click on the ‘Add’ option to link the visa gift card with the Venmo app.

It’s done!

How To Add Visa Debit Card To Venmo? 

If you wish to add a Visa debit gift card to your Venmo account, you must first link the card to your Venmo account. Visa gift cards, AMEX gift cards, or vanilla gift cards are just a few examples of the cards that can be added by following the instructions provided.

Follow the procedures:

  1. Register yourself with the card provider from whom the visa debit gift card you have got.
  2. Activate it, then go to the Venmo app
  3. Log in to your Venmo account
  4. Go to menu ~ Settings ~ payment methods
  5. Then tap on the card option
  6. Enter all the details of your card that have been prompted.
  7. After that, click on the ‘Add’ option.

Your card is added now, and you may enjoy your transactions!

How to add target visa gift card to Venmo?

A Target gift card is issued to shop in Target stores for a wide range of products from You can also use this card in Target stores. Attaching this visa gift card to your Venmo account has a very simple process.

Just follow the steps here:

  • Link your bank account with the Venmo application.
  • Now verify to be on the safer side.
  • Now open the Venmo app and get logged in.
  • Go to settings and click on Manage balance or Payment methods.
  • Add your credentials, then get your visa target gift card added.
  • Thus, your card gets added to the Venmo app.

How To Add Master gift card To Venmo? 

Well, a Mastercard gift card is also used as any payment card like a debit card across the United States and similar territories. It can be swiped anywhere where it is accepted! A MasterCard can be used for payment methods both online and offline. 

Here are the steps to add your Master Gift Card to Venmo: 

1. To begin, create a Venmo account in Venmo App.

2. Open your account and log in.

3. Locate the settings button.

4. Check “payment methods” in the options menu.

5. Next, you will notice the option “Cards.”

6. Select “Cards” from the menu, then enter the necessary details of your MasterCard gift card here. For instance, the gift card’s number, expiration date, security code or CVV, and zip code.

Sometimes you may find an amount charged, say $0 to $1. It is a temporary authorization to check if the entered info is correct. It then gets added to your account so you can use them again. But if it still shows up, you may contact your bank to see the problems.

How To Add A Visa Card To Venmo Zip Code? 

While entering the information about the cardholder, it doesn’t do without the zip code. While you transact with the card anywhere in the store, online or offline, you must add the right billing information. And all of this is available on the back of the card itself or sometimes on the cover card.

To activate your visa card, follow these steps-

Go to the legal right website and enter your card details onto it.

  •  It’s there on the backside of the card; website to activate, billing address, phone number, and other info.
  •  If asked about the address, just put the website address in that place.
  • Please don’t search for such info as thousands of fraudsters and scammers roaming the web space who will easily pull out the funds without even knowing about it.

Mention the address or the zip code

1. Now, update with the zip code after your card is activated.

2. If you have it through mail or so, you can see the right billing address and zip code.

3. But if it was bought by you or gifted by someone else, you need to update it with the code and your address before using it as a normal visa card.

4. You can also update your gift card’s PIN (Personal Identification Number). Remember, it only helps in credit transactions and not to encash anywhere.

Please note that: 

  • Remember to update your current billing address in your visa gift card.
  • Since this info is available at the back of the card, check those sites from which you have received your card, be it Visa card, Mastercard, etc.
  • Do mention your home zip code when asked.

How to add funds from visa gift card to Venmo?

Once you have added the Visa gift card to Venmo, you can easily transfer the funds from your Visa gift card to your Venmo account by transferring funds from the gift card to your bank account which would treat the card as part of your Venmo account and transfer the money easily.

How do I transfer money from a Visa gift card to my bank account?

Transfer money from a Visa gift card to your bank account by transferring the money from the Visa gift card to your Venmo balance, which can be done easily. Further, you can transfer the money from your Venmo account to your bank account.

FAQs Related to Venmo App

Can I transfer Visa Gift Cards To Venmo?

Yes, you can add a network branded visa gift card, then it can be added to the Venmo account as it accepts only cards widely accepted in the United States. Like Mastercard, vanilla gift cards, etc.

Can I Link A prepaid Card To Venmo?

Yes, you can link the prepaid cards to Venmo by following the steps and procedures that are easy to start with!

Can you put a Visa gift card on Venmo?

Yes, you can add a Visa gift card on Venmo in the same way you add a Visa gift card to your account.

How do you enter a Visa gift card code?

To enter a Visa gift card code which is nothing but the 16-digit card number, the CVV code, and the expiry date into the Venmo account.
Once you click on Settings, choose the Get Ready to Pay tab and then add your Gift Card number, expiration date, security code (CVV code), security code, and zip code.

Can you add Visa gift cards to the Cash App?

Visa gift cards cannot be added as a payment option as the Cash app does not accept prepaid and gift cards. When you try to add the gift card, users get a pop-up that says prepaid cards are not supported by the Cash app.

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