How to Add Money to Venmo with Credit Card Instantly [2024]?

How to transfer money to Venmo with Credit Card?

Suppose you want to make payments with your Venmo card. And you want to transfer the amount from your credit card to the Venmo account. You can follow the instructions to do so:

add money to Venmo with credit card
  • Open the Venmo app
  • Tap on Menu
  • Go to settings
  • Click on Payment Methods
  • Select the Credit card option from among other options
  • Input proper credit card information
  • You can also add card information from your phone camera
  • Tap on ‘Add Money’ and transfer the amount

You can use a credit card to transfer money to your own Venmo balance. You just have to select your linked credit card to carry out the process of adding funds to your Venmo balance. However, you should remember that a total of 3% charge is applied on using a credit card to add funds.

Note:- Remember, Venmo does not allow customers to update only certain pieces of information related to the card information. If your credit card’s expiry date has changed and you have adjusted it, you need to delete the previous card information and register your Venmo app with the new credit card information afresh. 

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How to send money on Venmo without a credit card?

Sending money on Venmo is quite easy and users need to perform some simple steps to initiate a quick and safe transfer of money to their friends or family. To ask or send money users need to perform some quick steps which are mentioned below:

  • Open the Venmo application
  • Login to your account using your credentials
  • On the Venmo App, click on Pay or Request
  • Put in your friend’s name, number, or email address to get his account info
  • If the recipient is nearby, the recipient can scan a QR code from the sender’s device 
  • After you have got the recipient details, enter the amount and you can also add an additional memo to the amount stating what this amount is for
  • Tap on Pay, follow some basic prompts, and proceed ahead to complete your transaction.

You can select any of the payment methods, that is bank transfer or debit card transaction at the time of completing your payment. Note that, credit card charges a percentage fee of 3% of the total amount that is getting transferred. Therefore, using the Bank Transfer method or the debit card complete your payments is suggested.

After you have initiated the transfer, the amount will get credited to the recipient’s source account instantly. However, not all money transfers take the same time. If you are transferring money to your Venmo balance, it can take a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 5 days to get your money debited. You can keep checking the time period and if it exceeds, you can contact the Venmo support team to raise your issue regarding the delayed transfer of money. 

There are absolutely no fees for sending money to Venmo users. However, Venmo will charge you a total sum of 3% if you are using a credit card for transfers.

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Venmo App FAQs

Does using a credit card on Venmo count as a cash advance?

You can send money to someone through Venmo by using your credit card, Credit card gives you the leverage to use money even when you do not have any in your bank account. Using a credit card to transfer money charges you up to 3% transaction fees.

Can I Venmo myself from Credit Card?

Yes, you can use your Venmo app to transfer cash from your credit card to your Venmo account. You can follow the instructions given in the previous section and work out the steps accordingly. However, if you face any issues, you can drop a query mail to the customer support center of Venmo at [email protected]

Can I use a credit card to add money to Venmo?

You can use a credit card to send money to your friends and family on a basic charge of 3% of your total amount being transferred. However, there are no transaction charges if you are using a credit card to make an online purchase from the Venmo partnered merchant stores.

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