How to Use Apple Credit Card with Venmo App (2024)?

How to add Apple Credit Card on Venmo App?

Apple and Venmo both are popular payment platforms at the current time. Apple Credit card and Venmo bot allow its users to receive and send money. But, Venmo has a wider reach than the Apple payment process. Apple credit card can only be applicable for iOS devices, where you can use a Venmo credit card through the Venmo application on both iOS and Android devices.

Another significant difference between Apple and Venmo payment processes is switching the payment option. But, one of the most disappointing parts is Apple does not allow the connection of the Venmo app or cash advances with Apple Pay. You can not use Venmo App with an Apple Credit card. Though there are some tricks, that have to be discussed in this article. 

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Can you use an Apple Card on Venmo Application?

Apple Credit Card with Venmo

No, You cannot use Apple Credit Card on Venmo. Neither Apple nor Venmo supports the payment method. 

But, yes, you can use the Apple Credit Card on Venmo with some hacks. To get the Instant Transfer feature through Apple Credit Card on Venmo, you have to follow some simple steps:

  • First, you have to add and link both Apple Pay and Venmo with the Apple Credit Card number 

To add Apple Credit Card with Venmo, you have to:

  • Tap on “Menu.”
  • Under the “Setting” option, tap on “Payment Method.”
  • Tap on the “Bank or Card” option. As you want to link your Apple Credit Card with Venmo App, then select the “Card” option
  • Add your Apple Credit Card detail manually 

This is how you can exchange funds from Venmo to Apple pay and Vice versa with credit cards. But, in this case, you must be charged by 1.5% fee maximum of $15 for instant transfer. This fund will automatically be added to the application, as both apps allow you to pay directly from linked Credit cards.

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Can You Connect Apple Pay to Venmo?

No, Apple Pay only allows its users to add credit or debit cards or bank accounts with Instant transfer. You cannot connect the Venmo pay balance with Apple Pay. In fact, you cannot ever use Venmo Instant Transfer Feature on Apple Pay to send money directly to the Venmo account. Venmo does not have direct integration with Apple Pay, so Apple Pay does not allow you to add Venmo Card.

Though, you can indirectly use some hacks or tricks to link your Venmo with Apple Pay. The way to do this is by linking the payment application with a debit or credit card. The Credit card will act as a middleman to transfer money between Apple Pay and Venmo. 

Venmo App FAQs

Does Venmo work with Apple Card?

No, whenever you try to add your Apple Card with the Venmo application, Venmo gives you an “error” notification. You can use your Apple card through Apple pay for the instant transfer. You cannot add Venmo balance to Apple pay or use Venmo Instant Transfer to send money through Apple Card to your Venmo account directly. 

Can I Venmo with Apple Card?

No, You cannot transfer funds or add Venmo account Balance with Apple Card.

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