How to add Venmo Credit Card to Google Pay [Guide 2024]?

Google Pay is now becoming one of the most popular apps for financial transactions. But do you ever try to see whether your Venmo credit card is working with Google Pay or not? You need not worry because it works!

Can I add a Venmo card to Google Pay?

Venmo Credit Card to Google Pay

Venmo is a popular application to split the bills or pay people. But one thing that sucks is that Venmo does not give an option for automatically transferring payment to your bank account. Sometimes, you may forget about the money sitting in your Venmo account. Now, you can simply carry out a transaction by tying up the Venmo card number with Google Pay. 

This article is for making you informed about, how you can add your Venmo Credit Card with Google Pay.

Yes, you can add Venmo Card to Google Pay. here is how?

When you can add your Venmo Credit Card with your Google Pay, your next question will be how? Here is how you can add your Venmo Credit card to Google pay.

  1. On your phone, open Google Pay
  2. Tap on the Profile picture, click on Bank Accounts and cards, and tap “Add Card.”
  3. In this stage, you have to click on the “Add debit or credit card” option from the menu
  4. Enter your Venmo Credit card number, expiry date, CVV, and cardholder name, along with billing address
  5. Tap “Save.”
  1. Accept the users’ terms and conditions
  2. Choose the option to verify your Venmo account
  3. You will be asked additional questions for authentication via OTP
  4. Manually enter OTP or auto-read
  1. Next, tap on “Activate.”
  2. Enter your one-time password

If you cannot register your Venmo Credit card on Google Pay, you can call on Venmo Customer Care number: 855-812-4430/ 855-411-2372. After adding your Venmo Credit Card to Googe Pay, you are ready to use it for transactions. 

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Which Bank credit card can be added to Google Pay?

Google Pay can support Credit cards. Almost all Indian banks that have credit card facilities can be kept at Google Pay. let’s have a look at the below list to know which Google Pay currently supports which bank’s credit card:

  1. Axis Bank Credit card
  2. State Bank of India Credit Cards
  3. HDFC bank credit Cards
  4. Federal Bank Credit Cards
  5. HSBC Bank Credit Cards 
  6. OneCard Visa Credit Card (International)

International Banks Credit Card that supports Google Pay are:

  1. American Express Credit Card
  2. The Co-operative Bank Credit Card
  3. HSBC UK Credit Card
  4. Starling Bank Credit Card
  5. MonZo
  6. NatWest Credit Card

What cards can you link to Google Pay?

Google Pay works with thousands of banks and payment providers. All cards are supported and can link with Google Pay. Link bank and Google Pay support both Mastercard and Visa cards. You can connect your Mastercard credit card, Mastercard debit card, Visa Debit Card, and Visa Credit Card with Google Pay. 

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